Today I had a doctor's appointment in Goldsboro. (Not interesting or the topic of the post.) BUT, while over there, I got to swing by the school I taught at last year and visit my class for a few minutes. I tried to slip in quietly, but someone caught me outside the door and yelled "MRS. MCNEESE IS HERE!" at which point utter pandemonium broke out for the next five minutes.

"Mrs. McNeese, come see my desk!" (Still messy as ever, dear.)

"Mrs. McNeese, I've been in trouble all day!" (Congratulations. I'm not surprised!)

"Mrs. McNeese, do you remember my name?" (Yes, Hayden. I was your teacher four months ago.)

"Mrs. McNeese, can't you drive back and teach here?" (As much as I would love a 60-mile commute, no dear.)

"Mrs. McNeese, do you miss us?" (So much!) 

Crazy kids! I miss them!

I love them all so much!

Got to catch up with Miles and Meghan at Rudy's!

Love these kiddos!

Let me just be selfish for a minute and say that walking into a room and being treated like a celebrity is pretty cool, even if it is with a group of nine-year-olds. I love my "big kids," but let's face it... teenagers just don't get as excited about their teacher as little kids do. So, while I'm sure they won't feel the same way forever, it's nice to know they still love me. And I love them! Now if they still erupt into cheers when I come visit them in high school, I'll know I'm the real deal. =) 



  1. Love this post! This is my first year teaching, but I hope my kids feel the same way next year! :)

  2. Thanks! And I'm sure they will :)


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