It's Friday...

Good grief... it's the end of the first nine weeks of school already! (Sorry if you don't live by a school calendar.) I needed to post some good things from the week since I am MAJORLY bummed about missing the Fall Fun Night at my parents' church... it's the first time in 8 years that I won't be home for it! Waahhhh.... I won't get to see the kids dress up or do the cakewalk or carve a pumpkin... but, I digress... Let's move on to the happy stuff. (And, as always, I'm linking up with Lauren for High Five for Friday!

1. Facetiming with this little lady and hearing all about her school "in her very own home!" I must say that she can already color in the lines better than Auntie Ashley does...

2. Thanks to early voting, we only had to wait about half an hour to cast our vote! Woohoo!

3. My new specs from Bonlook are finally on their way! Thanks Grace for recommending these!

4. Our pastor's son Matthew is such a sweetie... and I love him because he is probably the first baby ever (including my own flesh and blood) who has never acted terrorized by me. Which is shocking because of my very nurturing persona... right?

5. Chambray and floral, and my yellow bubble necklace... a winning combination to boost my spirits on a gray morning.

I'm keeping it short and sweet... hoping this day flies by since we're going to Goldsboro tonight! Let's hope Mamaw is preparing the fatted calf for my arrival... hehe! =) Happy weekend everyone!


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