Back to School...

This past week, we got to take off school for a few days and head down to one of my favorite events of the year- the Southeast Christian School Convention. This three-day conference for teachers, pastors, and administrators is sponsored by the Christian school associations of North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia and it is something I look forward to every year because obviously it's time out of school it's so fun to be with other teachers, get classroom ideas, oh... and did I mention it's held in Myrtle Beach? Home of some really great shopping? Yes, it is... and yes, the shopping is my favorite part of the trip.

Maxi skirts really are the best for traveling. It's like carrying a blanket with you! (Oh, and I got this one for $6 at Belk... yay!)

Goofing around during our first session. It was actually really interesting, but I felt the need to document the moment. =)

All our NBCA teachers at Fuddrucker's! I love working with these people!

We waited in line for-ever for Krispy Kreme.... 

...but it was totally worth it! (One of those chocolate ones was alll mine.)

Would you believe there's not a Krispy Kreme in New Bern? I know... tragic.

All ready for a day of sessions! 

I went to three of this lady's sessions and they were awesome! She gave some really great tips/ideas for English classes. 

Taking notes, old-school-style. Why I have to write stuff down when I had my iPad right next to me is a little crazy. I guess the only explanation is that I like to doodle. =)

One of the best parts of the trip was getting to see my bff Sara... we didn't really go to many sessions together (since she teaches leetle children) but we did have some lovely late-night chats! Love her!

This was such a nice, much-needed trip. The sessions and keynote speakers were AWESOME this year. Even though there wasn't time to really kick back and relax, I learned a LOT (which I won't bore you with, even though I'm sure you'd find essay writing and literature games simply fascinating) and it really is encouraging to go to a conference with 1,800 other teachers and realize you're not the only person in the world struggling to pull middle school students out of their funk or stressing out over the implications of test scores. Plus hanging out/bonding with all my teacher friends was great, as always! (By the way, those who think teachers are "boring" have never seen us play... or react to winning an iPad, for that matter.)

Sorry this post isn't really that exciting, unless you are just keenly interested in what goes on at a convention full of educators. (No worries... the sensible shoes and red pens were kept to a bare minimum.) Thanks to those who put on this fantastic conference (and to the malls in Myrtle Beach for their sales. I am grateful.)


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