Make Me Happy...

This has been one of those weeks... not any major crises to deal with, just a lot of little inconveniences and stressful moments that combined to make me very, very tired. I had several blog posts in mind, all of which were jolly and entertaining, but by the time I got home last night, I was feeling neither jolly nor entertaining. What should have been a night of cleaning, grading papers, and actually being productive became a "pour a huge mountain dew, crawl in bed with a magazine, crawl out of bed to eat dinner, engage in some retail therapy, and watch endless episodes of Reba and Psych" kind of night. Of course by the time I did all of those things I had dragged myself away from my pity party (which was quite a shindig) and decided that there WERE some happy things from this week... I just needed to be reminded of them. So... here they are, in no particular order. =)

Lily Kate  is our youth pastor's SO CUTE and hilarious daughter. She and I usually get to hang out a little bit before Awanas starts on Wednesday nights. She likes to scribble on my papers... although this week we actually had an educational experience and I helped her write her name. =) 

We got to go to the Mum Fest on Saturday and it was absolutely gorgeous outside. (I am a little disillusioned since there was nary a mum in sight.) Perfect weather for walking around downtown with several thousand of our closest friends. =) 

Did I mention there was funnel cake involved? Or that I may have possibly inhaled it? Sooo good.

Jonathan and I shared a Chick-fil-A cookie (my favorite) the other night and it was excellent, as always.

This beau-ti-ful necklace was a gift from my bff Sara and I looove it. The grey, brown, and coral-pink colors are so pretty.

This was the retail therapy (from Target... obviously) that I indulged in after my stressful week... I have pinned lots of outfits with leopard scarves lately and I can't wait to wear it! (By the way... may I just say that I die a little every time someone pins a pictures of "scarfs"? It's scarvvvves.... change the f to v, people! Third graders know this. Wooh. I feel better now.)

Anyway, now you know what makes me happy... food, food, jewelry, clothes, oh... and hanging out with el husband. Fatty, fatty, materialistic...  aaand a good wife. Yep, sounds like me. 

Happy weekend, everyone!!! 


P.S. I'm linking up with Lauren's High Five for Friday party at From My Grey Desk!


  1. Sounds like you had some good things happen this week regardless of your antics last night.Seriously sometimes a pity party is just necessary! Love love love the necklace & scarf! Those are necessary as well! Have a great weekend!

    1. Yes I did... Just needed the reminder (after my pity party, of course!) :) Thanks for commenting! :)

  2. Love your necklace! Happy Friday!

    LKF @Bmore Domestic #H54F

  3. I love that scarf! and I am super jealous about the funnel cake!

  4. that necklace is so beautiful!! what a nice friend you have to get that for you

  5. I love the scarf and the necklace! Your blog is pretty cool too :)



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