Face to Face(Time)...

One of the major downers of living far away from my family is that now my sisters have kids and I don't get to see them nearly often enough. And, let's face it... anyone with nieces and nephews knows that those little munchkins are the number one reason that you even visit home anymore. (That and being the only child far away makes you the crown jewel of the family when you do visit.) Anyway, I really don't know what people back in the dark ages (you know, three years ago) did before FaceTime and Skype. It really is marvelous to be able to "be with" the kids even though I'm hundreds of miles away. And, of course, they need to spend time with me every day so that they don't forget how wonderful I am or that I am their favorite auntie. =) 

Look at these faces... I mean, really! 

Amazing that she's laughing and not crying at the terrifying face in the corner...

And, lest you think I never talk to Leslie, I do... but Miss Priss refuses to stand still for a picture for me. She's apparently better behaved for other people who want to take her picture, so here are a couple of recent moments of adorableness.

Oh, this smile. It kills me.

And this is how the children feel when they have to say goodbye to Auntie Ashley. Depression sets in, obviously.

Thank goodness for technology... I'm sure the person who invented FaceTime would love to know how much I enjoy making stupid faces in order to make three little people laugh. Many thanks, Steve Jobs.



  1. I'm glad you're such a good long-distance Auntie :) Love you & your blog <3

  2. Haha I'm signed in as Steven, but it's me (Amanda)


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