I'd say that my attempts lately at goal-setting have been spotty, at best. Well, actually, I've been an excellent goal setter (see exhibits AB, and C) but my execution of all these goals is nothing to write home about (unless you're writing home to say, "Ashley never achieves anything.") So, to appease my guilty conscience actually make some plans I might actually keep, I am categorizing these by things I want to do (good), things I need to do (bad), and things I have to do (ugly). Okay, hopefully they're all good, and organizing them is so  Monica of me, right? 

The obligatory random picture... I guess it's a little applicable, since this was taken on our first summer trip: a few days in Williamsburg, VA last week. Frizzy hair compliments of humidity and genetics.

1. I want to....

- rewatch season 7 of Psych. (In anticipation of my season recap I've been meaning to write, and also because laughing burns calories and I'm pretty sure just one episode would be quite a workout.) I also have a bunch of old movies, mostly on Netflix and Prime, that I am planning on revisiting for nostalgia's sake. 

- read at least a few new books (I'm looking to Janssen's summer reading list for help in this area!) and finish the one I've been wading through for a while. (It's kind of scary and I'm a big baby. I'm actually a really fast reader and I should just sit down and finish it in an afternoon but, you know... why do that when I can torture myself and read it in five-minute increments?)

- try a whole bunch of new recipes and include as much fresh summer produce as I can (we have a really great farmer's market here in New Bern). I am generally much better about this during the summer (you know, when I don't feel like a dead woman by 3:00 p.m.) so here's to making my husband a whole lot happier about dinner, at least for a few months. I have a whole Pinterest board just waiting to be explored!

-  golf at least once with Jonathan. I've tried before and didn't hate it, but let's be honest... I would rather chew off my arm than do any physical activity in this heat. I'm only including this on my want list to be positive and because I really want to do this with Jonathan because he loves it so much. Maybe I'll trade him an afternoon of golf for an afternoon of shopping? Nah, he's too smart to take that deal. 

- I have several little home projects in mind, but putting my Instagram prints to use (I recently found a new picture and mirrors that I've got to hang up) is going to be a fun one. I love how they look strung up with mini clothespins but I'm trying to find something a little more formal (not that my living room is formal, but whatever.) Janssen (yes, again!) did this canvas refashion herself (!) and I'd love to make something with a canvas. Who knows?

2. I need to...

- be drinking more water. Curse you, sweet tea! These five pounds I really want to be rid of would disappear, I'm sure, if I'd guzzle a bunch more water every day. So, that's a need.

- organize my closet. I recently did another huge haul when I switched my clothes for the season and sent two trash bags full of clothes to my sisters. But, other than a very general system I think things could look a lot better. This includes my shoe organization, which is, let's be honest, something I'm ashamed of. I need to just bite the bullet and buy a nice shoe organizer and nice hangers. (But I'm sooo cheap and I'd rather buy clothes than nice hangers to hang them on. First world Ashley problem, I'm aware.)

- really work hard at shopping smarter- as in, shopping to fill specific holes in my closet as opposed to, "But it's 85% off! I don't even know what this is, but I need it!" I've got a list of very specific items (dressy striped top, bright maxi skirt, etc.) and I really would love to avoid impulse purchases until I can find things I know I'll love (and actually wear.)

- put some time/money/energy into a new blog design and my plans for the blog for the coming months. It's easy to read blogging tips, be inspired, and kind of mentally pin them into a corner of my mind (which, unfortunately, is becoming an increasingly less effective way for me to store information) but I really would like to get the ball rolling on making things look nice around here. I have no plans to be racking up sponsorships or anything instantly, but I've kind of been spinning my wheels about all this and I'd like to actually get moving. =)

- find the perfect anniversary present for my husband. I really love thoughtful gifts but because he is so very picky, I usually err on the side of caution and buy him something lame like clothes. I'd like to really surprise him with something amazing. (Ideas welcome!)

3. I have to...

- organize all of my school supplies (bulletin board stuff, classroom items, etc.) This, sadly, includes the very tedious job of going through my captions (spelling everything out to see what letters I've torn and need to replace, etc.) I've also got to make a decision about my room for next year... I completely changed my room out six times this past year, and while I enjoy the variety, I think I could maybe achieve the same effect without the huge overhaul every six weeks. While I'd rather not even think about school until August, things are so nuts that I have to get things planned, at least on paper.

- finish this year's Christmas play. No pressure or anything... ha! I also have to get the scripts passed out for our church's Christmas play (the one I wrote last year) and actually I am ridiculously excited about it. Stressed prematurely, but excited!

- schedule all of our dentist/doctor/life appointments we've neglected during the school year. I know I shouldn't think this way, but by the time you get things ready for a substitute, you're like, "Oh good grief, I'll just take the bacteria that's invading my sinuses!" We both need check-ups and are woefully behind in our dental appointments, so, there's that. I know these are the glamorous life details you hope to find here at A Dash of Ash.

-  attend at least one Braves game. If all goes as planned, we'll be at Turner Field on July 4, and I am so excited. A ball game with my dad, complete with fireworks at the end? This could possibly be my favorite summer memory from my childhood and teen years, and if I can only make it to this one game, we picked a good day to go. I dare it to rain in Atlanta that day! (Okay, not really... no jinxing here!)

- sleep. sleep. sleep. And sleep some more. I have absolutely no shame about sleeping in during the summer because I do so little sleeping in during the school year and it takes until around July for me to start to feel human again. 

Well, I didn't intend to make this the longest list in history, but sometimes I amaze myself. As long as at least the "have to" list gets done, I'll feel fairly productive, but I'd really like to accomplish the wants/needs as well. We shall see. If you want the absolutely truth, I'd be happy to just get around to the very last items (zzzz) but I am resolved to at least attempt the rest.

Got any big summer plans? Do tell (especially if you have any motivational tips for me! You know how quickly I drift off course.)


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  1. 1. You are a smart shopper. Mark it off the list. B)Psych needs to be on the top of the list.
    III. Add a trip to see Mickey & Minnie


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