I'm Not Happy, Bob (A Father's Day Post)...

For Father's Day: 24 of my favorite memories with my dad (that's one for each year he's been my dad... I didn't just hit on that random number.) Also, the title should not indicate that I actually call my dad Bob... it's just a line from The Incredibles that we like to quote to each other. No To Kill a Mockingbird here.

1-Braves games
2-catch in the yard 
3-McDonald's before church (or any time) 
4-singing along to Greater Vision 
5-watching old movies (especially musicals!), Andy Griffith, and Bonanza
6 -eating saltine crackers
7-folding bulletins on Sunday mornings
8-hot hot dogs
 9-orange sherbet
10-stops at the gas station for drinks
11-quoting movies (all.the.time.)
12-telling each other Reader's Digest jokes
13-watching Alabama games
14-writing poetry (his, not mine)
15-singing Disney songs (yep... best dad ever.)
16-"It'll feel better when it quits hurting." (surprisingly sound advice)
17-Diet Coke (him, not me!)
18-family devotions (and making everyone laugh during the Bible reading... me, not him)
19-Starbursts (especially red)
20-the "Barney dance"
21-Ernest Goes to Jail
22-listening to Rush Limbaugh (back in the day)
23-baseball stories
24-being anti-Auburn, anti-Lakers, anti-Phillies... basically anti-everything but Alabama and the Braves.

I could go on, but hey... I'm only 24 years old. =) Happy Father's Day to the best dad in the world (I know my sisters would agree.) Bob Baines is the best! (And a fan of alliteration... a gift passed to me, his favorite daughter.) Love you, Dad!


Read more lovely sentiments about my dad if you wish. =)

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