She Who Makes Me Laugh...

So, as you know, I enjoy making people laugh. I also, however, enjoy people who make me laugh, which may be why my little sister is one of my favorite people because she can make me laugh, possibly harder than anyone else in the world. Naturally, when we get together, a lot of movie-quoting, picture-taking, snort-laughing silliness takes place, and this week was no different. I don't really know how to describe Amy's sense of humor except to maybe call it a ghetto version of my own? That really doesn't make sense but neither does half of what we laugh about, so I suppose it's for the best.

The bottom left sums up quite a bit of our relationship... my looking jolly and her looking disgusted.

So many ridiculous faces, and I didn't even keep half the pictures because I'm making a truly hideous laughing face in them.

Oh, my... if laughter really does burn calories then I should be quite a bit thinner after the last few days. Sisters are the greatest, am I right? (And yes, I have two more... but I can only praise and highlight those who make time to come visit me. So, that's just the little person featured above. Sorry, workingmomswithchildren slackers. Maybe next time?)


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