Still Sinking In...

You know, I've talked about being excited for school to finish for so long that now that it's over, it hasn't really registered with me that summer break is upon us. I still feel like I have lesson plans to write and papers to grade. To quote Emma (well, Harriet Smith) though, "I am happy to be wrong," and I'm sure the realization that I don't have to be up at zero dark thirty every morning will soon kick in and I'll be ecstatic.

An empty classroom. I'd say it's bittersweet, but let's be honest... it's pretty sweet.

Since I've been a little MIA for the last few days (I blame craziness of the last week of school and my laziness that we all know and love) I'll bring you up to date on the very thrilling happenings in the life of the McNeeses.

On Thursday, the elementary had Field Day, which included a huge inflatable water slide thingie. Naturally, while the teachers were eating lunch together, Blake someone had the grand idea that we should get out and enjoy the water slide before it got returned for the day. Well, being the mature grownups that we are, we ran home, changed clothes, and ran back to play in the water.

Oh yeah...

The ringleader of all this fun...

Yes, we are 24 and 25, not 12 and 13. 

Ready to race...

And it was all fun and games....

Until Mr. Accident Waiting to Happen my sweet husband got hurt. He and I were racing down the slide and when I got to the end I was vaguely aware that he was no longer beside me. Then I heard faint shouting and turned back to see that Jonathan was hopping around on one foot while everyone was yelling about his stepping on something. Go figure... he managed to find the one piece of metal on the side of a post (how? how?) and tore the bottom of his foot up. (If you'll notice the crimson spots in the background, you'll see evidence of this. The place was practically a crime scene.) 

So, the open wound kind of put a damper on our fun (although after about five minutes of everyone standing around awkwardly staring at Jonathan's bleeding foot, he quickly reassured us that he was fine and we could continue to play... well, I assume that's how he finished it... I was immediately running back to the waterslide because I am the world's most supportive wife.) Of course it took us about three times as long to clean the slide up as it did to play on it and tear open one person's appendage, but that's neither here nor there. NBCA has one grown-up staff, let me tell ya.)

THEN Friday night some very sweet ladies hosted a Faculty/Staff Appreciation Dinner for us and it was so nice to kind of reminisce about the year and eat really good food (let's face it... I was more excited about the food than anything else.) 

Jon and Sarah

Blake and Brook

Me and Katie

Me and Sarah

I love these girls! I am so blessed to teach with people I truly love and call dear friends.

Kami and Brook

And my favorite teacher =)

I won't ramble on about the end of the year or the rewards of teaching or the craziness that is teaching middle school (though I have and I could) but it really was a good year- a hard year, but a good one. I'm not sorry to see it go, but I did learn a lot and the Lord showed me some very interesting things about people and about myself, so that's good. But I am very blessed to have taught with a great staff and, truthfully, the best thing about it is working with my husband every day. Without him, I would literally go crazy. Not that that's a stretch, but still. He's the best. (Eeeewww! Mush!!!! Sorry, no more.) 

I'll get my butt in gear and get back to business around here this week, I promise! I have lots of posts planned, but since I'm out of town (well, at Mamaw's) and will really be out of town at the end of the week, I'll try to squeeze them in. (Also, I have a multitude of movies recorded and I will be systematically working my way through them, starting with Beauty and the Beast. Good choice, eh?)

It's summer!!!! Rejoice!


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  1. What fun! I want to play on blow up toys too :) Enjoy your summer!


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