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As far as first weeks of summer go, this one has been a real winner. Time with family, time with my friends, time at a pool, time with good food... you get it. A rousing good time. (And I do apologize for all the personal postage lately... eventually I will find something to talk about besides what I've been eating or wearing or something. I'll conjure up a good rant or movie list soon, but until then you are stuck with the goings-on of my life. Sorry!)

1. Miracle of miracles... I was able to see my best friend (we met at age seven!) and college partner-in-crime (seriously, we had some cah-razy times as freshmen) Heather on Tuesday! She is far too far away in Ohio these days and I haven't seen her since my wedding so we had a glorious time catching up, reminiscing, and laughing way too hard. She is definitely in my "friends for life" category.
2. Hawaiian shaved ice- first one of the season. Oh my goodness... the half has not been told regarding how good these are. And no, it's not a snow-cone! If one doesn't come to New Bern soon I may just have to open a stand myself. 
3. I received what may be my favorite gift along with a Target card... a gift certificate to a nail salon! A pedicure is so nice (other than the fact that my feet are horribly ticklish and I am, in all likelihood, being mocked in a foreign language.) 
4. I was able to eat a Rudy's hot dog yesterday and, as always, it did not disappoint. I don't know how they have the best hot dogs in the world (and I'm not a person who craves hot dogs) but they do and I will not turn one down. Ever.
5. My dad and I snapped this picture in the midst of the movie-quoting competition going on between my sister and me. As long as I can recite large portions of The Incredibles I will remain his favorite child.

Have you had a wonderful week? I hope so! (I also hope that the fact that a significant portion of my week recap includes food is not indicative of the person I am... but I think it is.) Happy Friday, neighbor! (Mr. Rogers sends his love.)


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  1. oh what fun! I think I could give you a run for your money when it comes to reciting large portions of the incrediles :)


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