Signs I'm Ready for Spring Break...

Teachers do have a few perks, and spring break is one of them. After surviving the return from Christmas with kids who are stuffed full of candy and haven't slept in 14 days, to enduring the slump of the winter months (seriously, January-March is killer!), and braving the frigid elements by bundling up like an Eskimo for recess every day (okay, I don't do recess anymore, but still...), we have earned a few days off by the time the sun decides to shine again.

So, this year I am more ready than ever for spring break, and it's beginning to show...

- I am soooo very tired all the time. Pretty much by early afternoon every day I am fighting to keep my eyes open and my teaching is punctuated by jaw-cracking yawns. And naps are no longer optional; I am barely able to make it past supper without one.

- I'm pretty much out of it. In fact, the other night I was walking up the stairs to my room, on my phone, (oh, don't judge me) and failed to notice that my door was closed tight. I ran STRAIGHT into it, managing to hit my nose, smash my knuckles, and bang my shoulder all at the same time. I'd say I'm losing my mind, and I'd be right.

- I am completely out of any type of creativity whatsoever. Blog post ideas, Christmas play ideas, classroom ideas... I am coming up dry here, folks. I need a week without adjectives clauses and preliminary outlines to get the juices flowing again.

- My closet and drawers are out of control... seriously, I cannot look at them without wanting to scream. But I have been avoiding the two baskets of clean clothes that need to be put away since most of it is winter stuff that, stubbornly cold weather or not, I will not be wearing again this season. So, I need spring break to get here before I become suffocated by a mountain of turtlenecks and scarves.

- Speaking of the weather, seriously, I need some sunshine! What in the world is happening here... global warming, my foot. It is so COLD and I have no way of knowing that spring break will suddenly usher in warmer temperatures but it just has to, right? I was depressed when it was in the 70's in December but now I'm super depressed that it's supposed to be SPRING and I'm shivering all the time.

- This is the most obvious reason, but I need a break from school. Not my students or teaching as much as the schedule and the getting up early and the forming coherent thoughts before 9 am. None of those things will happen during spring break, I can assure you.

- I'm so out of it that I've got a second story to tell about being out of it... just this morning I reached for the coffee pot to pour myself a cup of coffee and failed to notice that the coffee was still brewing, so while I leisurely filled my cup, hot coffee was cascading all over the counter. Yeah, good thing our friend Stephen was standing there to casually alert me that I was making a gigantic mess. 

- My patience, while never overflowing, is stretched preeetty thin. As in, it's practically gone. Not much more to say about that... other than tread carefully around me until Friday at noon. =) Just keeping it real here, folks!

- I never thought the day would come, but I am sick to death of layering. I have talked many times about my undying love for cardigans, but I'd give my last Mountain Dew to be able to throw on a short-sleeved top and run out the door in reckless abandon, free from the fear of frostbite. (The fact that my idea of a wildly free time is wearing short sleeves with no layers indicates the excitement scale by which I live my very exciting life.)

- I'm laughing hysterically at things like this and sending them to my sister. Clearly I'm near my breaking point. 

- I took the time to write this post. Refer back to my point about lack of post ideas... instead of entertaining, I decide to subject all you nice people to my whining relatively pointless ramblings. 

Feel sorry for me yet? Ha... probably not... more like pity for my husband and students! But now you know how desperately ready I am for Friday to get here! I am fully anticipating a week of sleeping, reading, shopping, and being fed by my mother and grandmother. (I haven't informed them of that privilege yet, but I know they'll be just thrilled to have the job.) 

Are you ready for spring break? How can you tell (other than weeping and gnashing of teeth and complaining on the internet)? I'd love to know! =)



  1. you are so crazy....what you write doesn't always make sense to me but it must to you and that's all that counts...I DO KNOW YOU ARE READY FOR SPRING BREAK!!!! HA!
    When does it start????? Have fun!

  2. Only a teacher can fully relate to these emotions!! The only people who look forward to spring break more than teachers are students! Aren't we glad they don't write blogs:)

  3. Best blog ever! Loved every word and could just picture you in the scenarios (although I do not believe you are off your game for one second)! I feel the same way! Here's hoping for brighter and warmer tomorrows!


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