Welcome to the Fifties...

Do you ever feel as if you were born in the wrong decade? I have always loved everything about the 1950's...  the music (Frank! Dean! Bing!), the movies (too many from this era to list), and most of all, the clothes. The flared skirts, pleats, cute little dresses, pearls, kitten heels... I definitely consider June Cleaver a style icon. What I really love about clothing from that time period (and on into the sixties, a la Mary Tyler Moore) is that it was simple. Not a ton of embellishment, not that many crazy patterns or colors (at least most of the time).... just a simple sweater and skirt could be a pretty outfit.

I guess I like it because it's simple and especially classy... which, in our Kardashian-obsessed world, is a rare thing. I even named my site address "Urban Hepburn" because I love the idea of modernizing the classic look of ladies like Audrey Hepburn and Jackie Kennedy. I don't have any desire to dress in vintage clothes, really, or to look like I just stepped out of a magazine from 60 years ago. However, I do love clothes that "speak to" or are inspired by that time.

So, all that to say this- I was super excited when I got the opportunity to order something from eShakti. I'd seen pieces from this site on several blogs and had heard great things about them, so I was really interested in checking it out. eShakti is an online shop with the unique feature of letting you, the customer, truly customize your order. Whether it's sleeve length, skirt length, pockets or no pockets (pockets- duh!) or neckline, you pick the design and then customize all those features. Cool, huh?

I had a reeeeaaalllly hard time choosing a dress, especially since they have about a million "fifties-style" dresses available (as well as many other styles). I finally settled on a pleated, striped sundress (shocker!) and waited anxiously for its arrival.

I was totally in love with the color, but wish I would have sized up (bummer) just because the waist in this dress is teeny-tiny. (My waist is not teeny-tiny, obvs.) And the hem was longer than I'd prefer, too, but getting it hemmed is no big deal. I'll be wearing the dress with heels anyway, so I didn't mind that as much. Just be aware that you might want to go a little shorter to end up with the length you want. Mine ended up being closer to tea length.

Early morning fake grins and silly poses. What is the world coming to?

I've had the dress for about a month now but have been waiting to wear it until it warmed up (it's sleeveless), but, alas... the weather is against me and it's still freezing around these parts so I pulled it out this week with a cardigan. It ended up looking more like a skirt, which is also fine by me since they had the same print available in a skirt and I loved that too.

Also, a touch of irony... when I ordered this dress I had no a-line striped dresses. All of a sudden, I have three. I don't know how it happened... they just jump in my closet!
Yeah, Jonathan doesn't buy that either. Oh, well. I do love the fifties, at least for the clothes. Then I remember that they didn't have internet, or cell phones, or computers, or most of the other conveniences I am accustomed to... and I find myself quite okay with 2013.

What about you? Any particular fashion era that you're fond of? Hippy, 70's? Flapper, 20's? Grunge, 90's? (I hope not!) I'd love to hear about it!


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  1. I really like the way you are wearing it!! Sleeveless dresses really are hard to style!

  2. I love the 50's too! The style is so classic!!
    Happy to have found you through WIWW... new follower!
    Have a great day!

  3. I feel like I'm in the right era but I do love old time fashion. I love that skirt. I would def wear it.
    You look great!

    come visit :)


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