All Dressed Up (In My Favorites)...

Other than Sundays for church, I don't feel like I'm dress UP a whole lot. I do try to look nice for school every day, and usually fall more on the dressy side of casual, but as far as a dressy dress, fancy necklace, and heels go, you usually won't find me in all three at once. If I wear a dressy outfit at school, I am wearing flats nine times out of ten, or if I'm wearing a statement necklace it's with a casual shirt. SO last Saturday when a college friend of mine got married I was actually excited about the chance to get dressed up, even just for an afternoon. 

This is my FAVORITE dress. Everyone thinks it's a skirt and blouse but it's all one piece- hooray! Last year I got in on clearance at Loft... marked down to $19.99 from $99. I was thrilled to be paying only twenty bucks for it when I got it up to the register and found out it was $10! Best day ever.

What better way to accessorize my favorite dress than with my favorite necklace? Last year I drooled over this necklace from Target for months before Jonathan surprised me with it for my birthday, and I've worn it countless times since. 

And I love these nude pumps- bought them last year at Target (where else?) and they have held up great. It's rare to find a heel that doesn't make my feet weep and moan after a few hours but these are actually comfortable. 

Also, let's be honest... I can never get my hair to do this wavy/curl thing so when- miracle of miracles- it decided to cooperate, I felt like the occasion was worth documenting.

One of my favorite things about going to weddings of college friends is seeing other college friends. My dear friend Katelyn and her husband sang at the wedding and she even stayed at my house for the night before, so we had lots of time to catch up. (Aren't college friends the best friends? This girl has seen me at my worst, if you define worst by studying for biology at 2 am. Then yes, definitely.)

Do you have a favorite dressy outfit, or one that is your go-to for a fancy event? Stacy and Clinton always say that you should definitely have one dress that makes you feel great, and this is mine. And to think confidence and happiness can be purchased from Ann Taylor Loft for a mere ten dollars. Nice to know. =)


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  1. that necklace is absolutely beautiful! I am in love with it!

  2. Great outfit. Love it. Visiting from the blog link up. I"m hosting one tomorrow. Would love it if you joined me.



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