Wins and Losses...

Remember when I vowed to make use of my Pinterest boards? Thanks this little challenge, I've actually been more aware of trying to do that, at least when it comes to the six things I chose to complete. Anyway, I've finally gotten around to a couple of them (still can't track down that blasted chalkboard paint!) and I thought I'd give a little update, since I'm sure you're dying to know what kind of progress I've made on a project of this great magnitude.

The first pin that I attempted to recreate was this "skinny" chicken alfredo. Maybe I shouldn't have been silly enough to think that something as rich as alfredo would taste exactly the same when made with "diet" ingredients but I am and I was. So, while my enthusiasm was infectious at first- "It's healthy, babe! I'm chopping up fresh garlic here, so fancy! I should be on Emeril!" (Not really, I find him overbearing, but that's neither here nor there)- it starting waning when the sauce "should begin to thicken" and it didn't and tapered way off at the first bite. It wasn't awful, and I didn't ruin it or anything, but it just wasn't what I was expecting. Instead of a creamy, thick sauce, it was more like chicken broth/runny pudding with a heavy garlic taste. 

Yeah, not a real winner in our house. Jonathan, the bottomless pit, didn't even finish his serving which is pretty much like a raccoon turning up his nose at fresh garbage. Therefore, I am left with only the satisfaction of having made a Pinterest recipe and an unsightly amount of leftover pasta. 


The next pin, mixing stripes and florals, is one that I've been itching to try for quite a while but it's been so! very! cold! around these parts lately (and I never did get my hands on a floral scarf... bitter) that I couldn't bring myself to wear the outfit I had in mind with tights or leggings. However, we finally got a little peek of spring weather early this week and I had my chance. 

Striped shirt: Lucky Brand from Sam's Club
Skirt: Belk (gift from Mamaw =)
Flats: Target
Jacket: Old Navy

Do you hate me for doing this pose? Cause I hate myself... Also, don't be jealous of the random spray-painted cardboard on my porch. We are the classiest of the classy New Bern residents.

I have to say that this outfit turned out much better than the chicken alfredo... maybe because its ingredients included yellow, coral, green, and pattern mixing rather than Greek yogurt and disappointment. Hmm.... you win some, you lose some, I guess. 

So, ever been disappointed by a Pinterest recipe? (or any recipe?) Or even tried to recreate an outfit that you pinned that just didn't work? Come on- tell me I'm not alone here! 


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  1. Most of my recreations fall short of the original. I really should set up something on my blog to showcase this. In other news, I am totally inspired by your outfit. My recreation will probably fall short of yours, but oh well. Story of my life. Love this look on you!

  2. that skirt is amazing! this is totally something I would wear :)

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  3. Visiting from the pleated poppy's link up. Love your floral skirt.


  4. I love your very last picture. Your facial expression just makes my day.
    super cute!
    come visit us :)

  5. That floral skirt is SO pretty, love it. stopping by from wiww.


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