Please Mr. Postman....

I have always been super excited about getting anything in the mail- birthday cards, presents, anything with my name on it, really! (Until I grew up and started getting credit card offers... not so fun.) So, when my BFF Sara told me earlier in the week to look for some mail from her, I was stoked, expected a funny card or something.

Then I got home from school today and found this:


Haha.... dork.

It's like Christmas!

Her notes cracked me up...

Even a present for Jonathan =)

I'm blushing... =)

This purse is so me!!!! (And it's reversible!)

Look what was in the pouch... I am in love with all of this! 

Check all this out! I am so spoiled!!!

So, do I have the best best friend or what? I can't believe all this stuff... well, I can, because Sara is the BOMB... my best friend since age 15, constant shopping companion, listener to all my problems, and probably the most faithful reader of this blog other than my mother. =) So, be jealous of my awesome friend and her awesome gifts. I will be eating Easter candy while wearing my new earrings and carrying my awesome new purse. (Muwahaha)


P.S. Sahara, you are the best!! Thank you, dearest!

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