My Classroom This Fall...

You guys... I have never been more ready to change out my classroom. I guess it has something to do with the fact that even though we've only been in school for a month, I had most of decorations up at least two weeks before we started, so I've been staring at these walls for a looong time. That, combined with the fact that quite a bit of my decor this first month was made by me (making it crummy, to be honest), made me very ready to see it go. I liked it, but I don't miss it. I had the whole "adventure" theme going and it was cute, but fall was calling my name.

So... I answered. In a big way. I am pretty sure I have some kind of stupid disease that causes teachers to go way overboard with bulletin boards/room decor. Whatever it is, I have a severe case of it. Not that I mind, really. For some reason, I actually enjoy bulletin boards. Grading, lesson plans, etc. all stress me out a little bit, but decorating my room is kind of therapeutic, because I'm actually working but I'm making things pretty and being creative instead of checking homework. Win-win.

I am pretty proud of myself this time around, because I had saved a lot of things from last year and only had to make a few minimal purchases for "filler" material (thank you, Target dollar section!) Seriously, if you're a teacher, head to Target. A bunch of my little things came from there, as well as some background paper. 

This little banner cost a whopping $1.

I have this pumpkin basket from last year (no idea where it's from) but the owl is a recent dollar section find. I bought the cardboard M in July and painted the chevron stripes myself.

New gift wrap to cover my poor abused desk. I love polka dots!

Another Target find... perfect for the skinny little space between my board and the door.

I never really decorated my door last year (I had a welcome poster that stayed up all year) but I actually like it. However, I doubt the poor border is going to last much longer. It's already been kicked around after a whole two days. (Thank you, children!)

Gotta teach the kids how this process works...

This is a little young for my older kids, but the 6th grade is about to start punctuation and I figure they can all use a reminder of comma and period rules. Plus it's cute! =)

This isn't the best photo (and not the best board, either)... it was the one that I actually "made" this time. That background paper is wrapping paper from Target ($1) and looks like newspaper. The quote was supposed to be pretty and script-y, and kind of fell a little flat to me. But it's okay, I guess!

Don't you love using Patch songs as bulletin board captions? =) As Thanksgiving gets closer, the students will have the chance to write things they're thankful for on the banner.

Very typical saying, but I like it nonetheless.

I got this set of scrapbook paper from Target and loved it all together as a kind of patchwork background. And the letters were a hodge-podge of leftover sayings from last year. I really like it, especially since it's a little more "middle school."

This was my favorite board last year, and I still love... especially that border! The scarecrow is from a local teacher supply store, and the leaves are from Target.

Okay, I saved this for last because I am proud of the first classroom item I actually used a transparency to draw and color myself. The picture looks nicer than it does in person, which I am totally okay with. =) I love my cute little squirrel!

There you have it! I am really loving all these new boards... now I just hope I don't get tired of orange over the next couple of months. =) Maybe if you're a teacher, you got a few ideas (even if it's what not to do... it's the thought that counts! =)

I love a new look for my classroom... now if only I had a bulletin board that would grade my papers and make me coffee. THAT would be awesome... until then, I have Jonathan. Thank goodness! =)


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  1. Just read and looked at your "fall festivities"...real cute!!! You must have a huge room to put it all up...but know you enjoyed doing it and the kids are enjoying seeing it! Lord bless your are a mentor to many and we believe a good one!!!


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