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"It is a truth universally acknowledge..." I don't know if those words by Jane Austen can actually apply to this post, but the following is just a little list I've been compiling (when I remember) over the past few days... some lessons I've made note of that I've learned (by experience... which I'm told is the best teacher- second to me, of course. =)

1. Teenagers can be convinced to accomplish any task as long as candy is involved.

2. No man's mood (bad or otherwise) has ever been  improved by a trip to Target.

3. Urgent Care centers are very inappropriately named (or, at the very least, the employees are not familiar with the definition of "urgent.")

4. Taking an English class outside to "boost creativity" doesn't exactly fulfill any creative purposes. (Oops.)

5. Eleven-year-olds take a game of "Around the World" very seriously.

6. One of the most satisfying feelings in the WORLD is that moment when you have searched the entire store and finally find "it" in your size. SUCCESS, my friends.

7. Striking up a conversation with a fellow shopper? Easy. Trying to slowly walk away when they begin sharing personal life details/speaking profanity? Awkward (and more difficult than you'd think!)

8. Doing something that makes you totally and completely a nervous wreck does NOT get easier the longer you do it. Week five of playing for chapel: just as hard as week one.

9. Trying to FaceTime with a four-year-old is like trying to watch a movie while riding a roller coaster. Two words- motion sickness.

10. If bladder control were an Olympic sport, teachers everywhere would be gold medalists.

That's all folks... my profound observations/lessons this week. Maybe over time I'll share more of these nuggets of truth. I'm off to the Teachers' Convention tomorrow so I'm sure I'll have LOTS more wisdom to impart by Friday. Adios!

Ash (Oh, and I have sent so many emails this week that I just started typing "Mrs. McNeese" at the end of this post. I'd say the next two days off are needed, eh?)

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