A Wonder-full Weekend...

Have you ever had one of those days that you look back on and wish you could repeat it... not because you would want to change anything but because it was so great you just want to do it all over again? That's how today was for me. (Well, really, the past 48 hours or so.) It's just been a great, RELAXING couple of days... which I needed.

Actually, the good times started Friday night when I got to spend the night in Goldsboro with Mamaw and my mom. We met in Kinston, ate supper with Jonathan, and went home, where I proceeded to go through all of my mother's recent purchases and decide for her what could and could not be kept. (She protested a bit, but someone had to be the voice of reason. Ha!) So, I squeezed a visit to Belk out of her (Mamaw begged out of it... something about being 82 and tired?) and off we went to spend money "just look". (Those words have got to be one of the biggest lies ever told by women.) This little excursion was especially profitable because I have been searching for the perfect black maxi skirt for a long time... and, ladies and gentlemen, the search has ended. I found a beauty, and (drum roll....) it was a whopping $7. Guess who paid for it? Not me... the ever-generous Gigi, thank you very much. So now whenever I wear my beautiful skirt (which makes me feel fah-bulous, dah-ling), I will think of my mother and how she repaid me for forcing her to return items that could only be described as a temporary moment of insanity. =)

Oh, and we stopped at Chickfila for the best cookies in America. Yum-o.

Saturday we slept in, laid around the house watching movies, and finally got out to eat lunch at La Paz (the oh-so-wonderful Mexican restaurant in Goldsboro whose equivalent I have yet to find in New Bern.) That night I came home and Jonathan and I watched the first BAMA game of the season with our friends Stephen and Lauren (and their adorable girls, who looked so cute in their Bama shirts!) After church Sunday morning, it was off to Goldsboro again, where we had an amazing lunch of homemade cajun chicken pasta (thanks again, Gigi) with enough left to bring home (because I, as you know, will make food last for days, and this stuff is soooo good.)

Being at Faith last night was so nice. We haven't seen a lot of friends since the middle of the summer and catching up was really fun. My favorite part was seeing several of my students... I have missed them terribly! Those little munchkins will always be so special to me. =) Anyway, going back and feeling missed was very sweet, and I'm glad we were able to be there!

THEN after church (where we were the last ones to leave... I'd blame it on Mom and Mamaw but I was just as guilty), we remembered the coupon we had for a free dozen donuts and off we went to Krispy Kreme...

Can you believe there's not Krispy Kreme in New Bern? Tragic, really.

Of course I had to be picky and get my one chocolate glazed. Oh... but it's so heavenly.

After staying up waaay too late last night, we got up waaay too early this morning and took Mom and Mamaw to the airport (a journey made worth the early hour by a trip to a REAL mall... oh, and extra time with my mother, of course.) After dumping her off a tearful goodbye at the airport, it was time to shop.

Even Jonathan was excited!

 We went to Triangle Town Center and the Target/Old Navy across the road. As usual, I found awesome deals at that mall (it's a blessing/curse!) and the Target AND the Old Navy. It's like these stores just save things for me or something! Okay, I know that's not true. But it was a very worth-while shopping excursion. I promise. 

We met Rebecca (Jonathan's sister) for lunch in Knightdale and it was SO good. I probably haven't had Five Guys in three years, but it was just as delicious as I remembered.

This was the beginning of a bit of DIY fun that took place this afternoon... more about that later this week! A trip to Michael's got me feeling all crafty (an illusion that usually only lasts a few days... so we'll see how this little project turns out. I am excited about it, though!)

The spoils. Some shoes, a sweater, a dress... you know... necessities. =)

We made it back to Goldsboro to eat dinner with Jonathan's family, visit with Uncle Walter and Aunt Peggy for a little while, and came home in time to get unpacked, chill a little bit, and find out that we are going to be an auntie and uncle again! (Don't worry... no family pregnancies... Blake and Brook got a puppy this afternoon. =)

So, time with family, friends, and a wonderful day with my sweet husband (worthy of commemorating because it may have been the first time EVER that we've spent the entire day shopping together without coming to blows arguing about anything)... yes, I'd call this weekend a success. It really was "wonder-full"... full of laughs and fun and good memories! I'll be tucking it away in my mental file labeled "must happen again."

Hope you had a fun and relaxing Labor Day! Back to work tomorrow... I'll sleep in if you will. =)


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  1. I am so tired tonight, but it was "fun" reading about your lazy and glorious weekend!!! We saw "happy glitter" in your mamaw's eyes...she really misses you and Jonathan but we know she is happy that you are both in God's Perfect Will! Well, keep on having fun and loving the Lord...it sure makes for a good marriage!


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