Fall Craftiness (and a Look at My Very Fancy Decorations)...

So, I was at Target the other day spending money like a drunken sailor adding to our meager collection of fall decor, and one item in my cart was a little fall banner/garland thingie. (Just some leaves strung together, really.)  However, I walked away from it because a) I had already filled my little basket with things to spend money on and b) the leaves were covered with glitter and, in case you aren't aware, glitter is the scourge of all decorating materials and since I did not want to spend my autumn season picking little shiny pieces off the floor, I passed on the banner.

Then, the (very few) creative juices I possess starting flowing and I got to thinking that I could probably make a banner for less money. Even though I am usually an utter failure when it comes to crafting, I occasionally become delusional enough to actually make an attempt. So, I headed over to Michael's (a store that never ceases to make me feel positively inept as a human being in general) and grabbed some cute scrapbook paper and yarn. Then I convinced my dear, sweet husband to help me cut out some fall shapes (leaves, acorns, pumpkins, etc.)... we are very handy with scissors, eh? HA... yeah, right. We used a die-cut machine. Anyway, I hung it up tonight and put out our other fall stuff. Yay for fall!

The beginning of the stringing process... I am a slave to symmetry.

This is a mindless task that can be accomplished while watching DVR'd episodes of Reba (or whatever is your viewing pleasure.) Just don't be a loser and get the yarn tangled a multitude of times, causing you to become angry and feel tempted to rip apart the whole thing.

The finished product! (It turned out much longer than I thought but I didn't want to shorten it and I kinda like it.)

The middle of it!

I love it!

Coffee table

Shelf... the gourd on top, shiny pumpkin, and "Give Thanks" are all from Target... oh, and you can't really see it, but there's a cute little wooden cornucopia on the second shelf.

Some leaves scattered on the entertainment center.

I can't believe it... I did a craft that wasn't a complete wreck! (If you disagree, just pretend I'm a first grader with an art project!) Now all that's left is some candy corn or caramels to fill up my pumpkin dish! Now if only the temperature would drop about 20 degrees... Oh well. I will breathe in heavenly smell of my Spiced Cider plug-in and pretend it's cold outside.


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  1. LOVE the leaves on the entertainment center! Might have to steal that idea. :-)


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