One Proud Teacher...

Anyone who has ever worked with kids for any type of performance know that pulling it off with any measure of success takes a whole lot of blood, sweat, tears, prayer, and caffeine. Our school's Christmas program was no exception... but after tonight it was absolutely worth every minute of frustration, every rearranged lesson plan, and every moment of stress over costumes, sets, rehearsals, and lines.

My group of choric speakers (if you're not familiar, it's kind of like a choir, but with talking) performed How the Grinch Stole Christmas, which I love... and I'm a little in awe of their ability to memorize the whole book!

Make-up time... thanks Kenzie!

Waiting for showtime!

Mr. Taylor leading in prayer before the program!

The "Fireside Kids"... they did such a great job!

Twinning with Madison...

Humble brag for a second... I made the Grinch cave myself (with my fear and trepidation) but I really like how it turned it! (That's Max the dog up there =)

Pre-performance... love these goobers! They've tried their best to give me gray hair in the past two months but it was worth it. 

Yeah, I took a second out of directing to snap a picture.. guilty! They absolutely blew me away tonight... and I know I was a drill sergeant during rehearsals but it was worth every single, "NO! Do it again!" =)

Let me brag on this boy for a second... he was seriously the best Grinch of all Grinches ever. He was amazing... he took this performance to a whole new level. This kid is going places... really! 

The choirs and nativity... they were so awesome and well worth the afternoons of practicing for weeks on end. I may have cried just a little.

Blake did a great job of presenting the Gospel at the end of the program!

Reality shot.. I ditched my heels and wore slippers for the rest of the evening, including to dinner with some of the staff. 

And last but not least... this cute bearded man has totally had my back for the past several weeks and has (lovingly) handled my craziness. He's the greatest. =)

I love that after all the (very real) craziness, these kids (as they always do) pulled everything off and didn't just look cute or move people to laughter and tears (although they did both)... they really and truly glorified the Lord and presented people with His truth tonight. And, you know... the truth of Dr. Seuss. Both are important, right? =)

"Maybe Christmas," he thought, "doesn't come from a store. Maybe Christmas, perhaps, means a little bit more."

Well said, Ted. 


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  1. Wow, I can only imagine how much work went into something like this! Congrats! How fun!!! So what grade do you teach??


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