Decisions, Decisions...

For someone who loves clothes and shopping as much as I do, it's nearly unbelievable how indecisive I am when it comes to picking out my outfits. This is especially true of any kind of special occasion... so when I was trying to decide what to wear for our Christmas card pictures, I was torn. I knew I wanted a dressy outfit and a casual outfit but beyond that... no idea. I even enlisted the help of a friend and trolled Pinterest... and still ended up going in a different direction because this is a sickness, I'm telling you.

Anyway, the final results weren't really anything to write home about but I liked them and felt comfortable, which is more than I can say about how I am in front of a camera. I'm a pretty awkward person anyway (I may have to write a post about this soon because it's all too true) but I am really unhappy with my profile (ugh) and candid photos of me all look like I was just overdosed on Vitamin H (for hideous) so really the only thing we're gonna get that's good is a straight-on, smiling shot. All those cool, artsy poses where the couples look dramatically off at some distant object? Or seductively at each other? Not happening for the McNeeses. Jolly and plain is our photography style. Good thing our friend Juli  who took these pictures still managed to get some beautiful shots with, let's face it, very little material to work with from me. =)

I'm not begging for compliments... I really do look genuinely awful in profile or candid pictures. THESE shots, though, that fall into my acceptable criteria, I really do like. =)

Outfit details for those who care: 
Dress: Target (sooo old)
Belt: Kohl's
Shoes: Target
Necklace: Belk

Top and Skirt: Loft
Scarf: Old Navy (seriously such a good investment!)
Tights: Target
Boots: Nine West from Macy's

And... my favorite =)

He's adorable. I know.

Of course, I agonized over what to wear without thinking that it might not be a good idea to curl my frizz-prone hair on a drizzly, rainy day where it would quickly fall into one massive wave but hey... "we can't all be acupuncturists!" (Mulan? Anybody?)

So now you know that I'm terribly, obnoxiously indecisive about clothing and that if you take a candid picture of me and post it on Facebook I will mostly like, in a very sweet tone, tell you to remove it before I break your legs. =) A very educational post, right? I am a teacher, after all. 


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  1. Your outfit choices are seriously so cute. I really love the dressy one!

  2. Ahhhhh!!!!! Next year you're picking out all of our Christmas picture outfits. These 2 outfits are them! I am with you about being so indecisive about what I'm going to wear. It's what everyone will see when you send out your cards!


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