I Have a Problem...

This weekend, I finally pulled down the over-the-door, four-hook hanger thingie that has been weeping under the strain overloaded with my necklace collection for months. I guess you can say I have a necklace problem... My earring collection is tiny, I have like five or six bracelets, but the necklaces. Oh, the necklaces I've somehow accumulated over the years. (I received five just this week as Christmas presents!) And I do have a whole lot of statement necklaces, some long chain-y type ones, and a few that I wouldn't be caught dead in now but that I am holding onto for sentimental reasons because I'm a big schmuck. (My friends and sisters are probably not sad that I have a huge pile that they're now free to pilfer through.) It's hard for me to decide what to give away, because I just KNOW that as soon as I get rid of one I'll put together the perfect outfit for it. But really, does anyone NEED bubble necklaces in four different colors? (The answer is no, especially since they kind of get on my nerves a little bit now. In my defense, two of them were gifts, but still.) 

So, I guess this explains why my jewelry board on Pinterest is called "Excessories," right? And now, excuse me... I need to track the shipping for something I just ordered online. It may or may not be another statement necklace. I guess you'll never know.



  1. The answer is YES!! Of course you need those necklaces in tons of colors :) And if you ever want to get rid of some of those necklaces, I'm here for you...just trying to help you out. :)


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