New Favorite Color...

If you know me or my wardrobe, you know that I love fall colors. Mustard has been my #1 for a while now, along with olive green (to match my eyes, because I'm a little vain, maybe?) But over the last month I've fallen head-over-heels for burgundy. (Some call it maroon; some call it oxblood, which I refuse to do because a beautiful color doesn't deserve to be named after bovine guts.) It goes with the other fall colors (my favorite pairing so far is olive green) and I also love it with a leopard print. Anyway, burgundy is my new favorite color and I may or may not be shopping for it almost exclusively lately. 

1. I have become a big fan of loafers lately. They remind me of Laura Petrie, Mary Tyler Moore's character on the Dick Van Dyke show. (And they kind of make me want to host dinner parties and sing and dance around my living room, but I squelch the urge.) First up, I ordered this pair at Merrick's suggestion and they are so, so pretty and I am still saving them (for what, I don't know) but I can't wait to wear them!

2. I am the world's biggest fan of cardigans and I am all about adding one in burgundy to my collection soon. Old Navy's cardigans have held up well for me and I like the reddish tone of this one.

3. Since I have a lot of reds in my home decor, burgundy would fit right in and this knit side chair is so beautiful. I love cable knits and this just looks so cozy! I know it's more of a purple here but it still has a burgundy-ish color (it's much more burgundy in person.)

4. I'm a total wreck at painting my own nails, but if I had any talent for it I'd totally buy this Essie color. How perfect is it for fall?

Excuse my messy porch... I told you I'd be wearing this skirt a lot! And what better top to wear with it than my favorite burgundy blouse? Back in the winter/spring( on MAJOR clearance), I bought this shirt in three colors and burgundy just happened to be one of them. How great, right? It's like I knew it would be my new favorite color and I was giving my future self a present. Or, you know... just that I can't resist a clearance rack and a tie-front shirt. Maybe that. 

What's your favorite fall color? I'm all ears. =) (I'm also all ears if you've found a good burgundy scarf... I'm on the hunt and so far they are all eluding me! Help a girl out!)


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  1. Love that outfit. The maroon and stripes look fabulous together.

  2. Love the color as well! I think it is my favorite for the fall. And I agree...burgundy or maroon, but definitely not oxblood.

  3. That top and color are SO pretty on you!

  4. Haha, I love oxblood! ;) I LOL'ed at your bovine guts comment...when you put it that way...I like burgundy better too! Blame it on Ann Taylor, they started it!


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