A New Classroom (Finally!) and Fall Decorations...

I've whined about mentioned this a time or two but at the start of this school year, our new renovation was not yet complete, so for the first few weeks of school, we met in makeshift classrooms. (By makeshift, I mean we were in every free space short of the bathroom, and even then... Okay. I kid.) This obviously means that I did not have a classroom to decorate and I also did not have a desk/office from which to operate. It ALSO means that I was pushing my curriculum/pens/tests and quizzes/Dr. Pepper around on a cart, stewardess style. Beverages? Peanuts? Anyone?

SO, when we finally got the occupancy permit on Friday, the heavens rejoiced and I spent around 15 hours throughout the course of the weekend getting my room ready. I had a really cool theme for the beginning of the but, alas... I wasn't about to put all that up and turn right around and change it in October, so I just started with fall. And I have to say... I love it. I love being in a new (huge!!!) room, I love having a closet (!!!!) and I gotta say I love my new boards. =)

I love this paper (Target dollar section!) and every time I see Snoopy dressed for Halloween I just die of the cuteness.

I love this background paper! It's actually paper placemats from Hobby Lobby! And I certainly did not make the pumpkin... it's from Walmart. =)

While I await the arrival of my new bulletin board, this banner is hanging out in the middle of the wall. I made it for my house last year but it's reeeally long and a little too "loving-hands-at-home" (a Beverly Cleary phrase, thanks =) for my living room. Perfect, on the other hand, for school and filling up a big empty space.

A rather cliche caption, but I still like it =) 

Exciting? Not really (unless you're me) but necessary.

These dry/wet erase boards were such a nice investment. (You know, since I invested all of $3 each in them.)

Haha... my poor misshapen, scribbly candy corn. Oh well. And my tone of voice when I make this statement depends entirely on the type of day I'm having. =)

Again, nothing terribly fascinating for most people but still helpful.

This might be the busiest board I've ever done but I needed to cram a lot into a little space! I do love how it turned out!

Each little Peanuts character has a positive phrase beneath it. =)

Hands down... favorite board. I have little to no talent in making my own pieces but I thought Charlie Brown and Lucy turned out pretty well (other than the fact that their skin still looks completely white. Oops.) And that Peanuts strip border? So fun. 

My desk. Woohoo.

Again... woohoo!

I really can't say this enough, but I am so, so happy to finally have a classroom again, to be able to decorate it (you know I'm crazy and I love doing bulletin boards), to have a place to store my school stuff other than my guest room, and to have a desk to work from. And to not be living from a cart. Mostly that. 

Happy fall!


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  1. I love the persistence bulletin board! Do you have a template for Charlie Brown and Lucy?


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