Fall at My House...

You know how much I love fall... and even though the weather isn't cooperating yet, we're well into September and last week I got the urge to get my fall stuff out. (A trip to Hobby Lobby certainly didn't hurt!) There's just something so cozy about all the orange, red and yellow touches throughout my house and it really makes me happy (and it also motivates me to keep everything clean... hey, whatever works!) It also reminds me of my childhood... my mom always decorated for fall and I loved coming home from school the day she got the fall decorations out. The house would look different and there would be candles burning AND there would be pumpkin candy in the pumpkin dish (the best part, obviously.) So now that I have my own house, I feel it is my duty as a Baines child to carry on this tradition. (Also, I really like pumpkin candy.)

Labor Day at Hobby Lobby... buy ALL the things!!!

I just love this shelf... best $14 at Ikea ever. 

Please check out this caricature of me and Jonathan (by our future brother-in-law a few years ago in college!) 

I made this wreath last year and was thrilled to discover when I pulled it out that I still really like it. =)

I'm pretty sure this is all from Target except the M (from Michael's and decorated by me) and the owl, from TJ Maxx.

Yep... Tarjay. Except the canvas painted by my very talented friend Brook.

I bought the Harvest sign at Hobby Lobby (I think it was about four dollars on sale), the scarecrow is from Target, and I made the wreath on Sunday night (and bought the materials at Michael's.)

How appropriate that football should be playing on the tv. Again, all Target. (Leaves from Michael's)

This runner is from TJ Maxx (I think) and the lantern was a gift from a student who apparently wanted to help prepare us for the apocalypse because it came fully equipped with oil and everything. After three years it's finally serving a purpose. =) The little table I stole from Mamaw and it's waiting to be painted, but I loooove that little tray and it was $2 from Michael's. 

And this really has nothing to do with fall but I love these letters and ampersand from TJ Maxx. 

So, is your house decorated for fall? Is it a tradition with you or are you just in it for the candy corn and pumpkin candy? (No shame there.) Happy fall!


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  1. You are really making me wish I had decorated for fall this weekend! My husband says I can't do it until the weather gets to 70 degrees or below... he's probably right, but I just love pumpkins!


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