Happy Things...

Since I came home from school in an extremely grumpy mood for no particular reason (please, no judgment... love me through it!) I decided to talk about some things that are making me HAPPY lately. Because reverse psychology works, even if I'm using it on myself. Right? Sure.

My husband ran an errand the other day and brought me this. He knows the way to my heart. Also, is it just me or are seasonal Reese's better than regular? I love that there's no hard crust and it's all soft... mmmm. I need another one, asap.

Not the best picture ever, and I couldn't find it online, but with a coupon I bought this shirt for lesson than $4 on Saturday. Thank you, Old Navy. This almost made up for the fact that they ran the 50% off any item promo and the only thing I really want in life (this vest) is sold online only. Boo.

One of my sweet school parents was given the wrong drink at Starbucks and she generously turned her trial into a blessing for me and asked if I wanted it. A venti peppermint frappucino, on a Friday afternoon? My favorite Starbucks drink? Yes, please. 

It's really not anywhere close to being cool enough to layer yet (stupid humidity) but I decided to anyway. Thankfully, this scarf is super-duper thin. Also, these loafers? Good thing they're pink suede; otherwise I'm fairly certain the tassels would put them straight into old-man category. I'm familiar with grandpa cardigans, but grandpa loafers? Not sure I'm on that bandwagon. 

Also making me happy lately? Peppermint mocha creamer, a (finally) decorated classroom (post coming soon!), a clean house, encouraging words from a school parent, a dinner with good friends, a little time with Mamaw, and this soup, with enough leftovers to last for days. I'm hoping to add "organized desk" to the list tomorrow, but we shall see.

Happy Monday! (Now there's an oxymoron, no?)


I had this post drafted before I had really watched the news... but I am so heartbroken over yet another shooting. Join me in praying for the loved ones of these victims and for justice to be served however possible. 


  1. I hope that today is a better day for you. I think it's so good to think about all the things that make you happy when you've had a crummy day.

    I totally agree about the seasonal Reese's (and Oreos, I'll add)...They are so much better!!

    And that shirt!!! Ahhhh...so cute. I wish we lived a little bit closer so we could hang out all the time. But we live close *enough* so we'll have to make that happen sometime! :-)

  2. YES! Reese's shaped like pumpkins are the best.


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