Turning the Big 2-3...

Is it childish that I still get really excited about my birthday? As in, I look forward to it for months and feel giddy the entire week before? In the spirit of accepting my quirks, as mentioned previously, I don't care if it's lame that I treat my birthday like a six-year-old does. My husband certainly doesn't share this mindset; he is a terrible bore when his own birthday rolls around, refusing to give me gift ideas (remember, he's big on "necessities") and lacking all birthday giddiness. He does, however, attempt to be excited about my birthday... and can't really help it. My enthusiasm is contagious! =) 

Anyway, this year I was still excited about my birthday (because of PRESENTS, duh!) but the whole getting a year older thing is losing its charm as I, well... get a year older. I know it's not a big deal, but 23 just sounds OLD. (I do realize that anyone older than me who reads this is shaking their heads in disgust. Just humor me.) Before long, I'll be in my "mid-twenties". How is this possible? I feel like I literally just graduated from high school and started college, and here I am approaching two years of marriage and nearly my entire first year of teaching finished. Again, I realize these aren't milestone accomplishments... it's just crazy to think that this much time has passed. When I was a teenager, 23 was an adult. Now, I feel like this.... 

22 was a hard but very important year for me. I graduated from college. I started teaching for the first time. I faced my fears and played the keyboard in church. (I know, not that big of a deal... but it was to me!) I lost my Papaw and my Mawmaw within 4 months of each other. I definitely learned more about waiting on the Lord and trusting Him than ever before. I also learned that God's timing is definitely not always what we expect! So, while I have experienced alot of "growing up" this year, I'm not sad that 22 is over.

Oh well, excuse my melancholia. I'm sure it's just my old age. =) Back to the birthday fun! We had a McNeese family dinner Thursday night, friends dinner Friday night, our own little party at Chickfila last night (I know, I'm a big spender!) and a Cordell/Sloan party today. And yes, I did request funfetti cake. Don't judge me! Of course, the best part of any birthday is presents! I got some clothes (good), money (better!), and Target gift cards (best! =). I found a BEAUTIFUL dress at Belk on clearance (duh) and also got a necklace at Target that I've been drooling over for months. Jonathan also got me some chicken minis (aka manna) for breakfast yesterday, so the day definitely started well! I also got lots of sweet facebook messages (thanks, facebook, for reminding everyone so I don't have to! =), texts, and calls (ever notice that NO ONE can make it through the entire birthday song without getting embarrassed and switching to a silly voice?) from friends and family. So fun!

Overall, turning 23 hasn't been too painful. At least maybe people will start thinking I'm older? Maybe? Yeah, I guess not. A stranger asked when I was finishing high school last week. (Don't worry; I resisted the urge to punch her. I think I sarcastically kindly informed her that to be in high school, I'd have to be in the 17th grade. =) 

It's been a great birthday weekend! Although, this is so true of me... 

Maybe one day I'll be able to gracefully stand while people sing happy birthday to me. For now, I manage to squirm and look uncomfortable the entire time. 

Have a super week, peeps! I will now shuffle to bed for my early, old-lady bedtime. =)


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  1. Fun birthday blog:) I, for one, will always see you as a precocious little girl with a Nancy Drew book in one hand and a recipe book in the other!


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