Happy Easter...

Easter is a great time of year. Unlike other religions (even though, I know, Christianity is not a religion), we get to celebrate the fact that our Savior is actually ALIVE! It's a rather exciting thought if you sit and ponder on it, really. (Not that I do a whole lot of "pondering"... before you conjure up images of me sitting around like this: 

But it really is mind-blowing to think that Jesus came to earth and died for us at all, let alone was able to rise again and promise to come back! Before you think about being "tolerant" of other religions, remember that their "gods" are dead. Ours isn't. Yep, revival is happening right here on this blog. 

So, now on to the other great parts about Easter. The non-spiritual, expensive, fattening parts.

One thing all girls love about Easter is that it is mandated (as the eleventh commandment) that we get a new outfit, or "an Easter dress". When I was little that meant matching hats, dresses, gloves, frilly socks, and purses for all four of us little Baines ladies. Now it means that my dear, sweet, cheap thrifty, couldn't-care-less-about-shopping husband has to endure this shopping experience. "But honey, it's my Easter outfit!" "Who cares? Easter is about the resurrection!" (That's the problem with marrying a preacher... you get a preached a sermon about the commercialization of Easter, the evils of the Easter bunny, the evils of Easter eggs, etc. Not really, but Jonathan really doesn't buy into the whole "Thou shalt buy an Easter dress" thing. Though, being a sweetheart, he does allow me to purchase one.) This year's search was a pain in the Easter egg... not for the outfit, but the accessories. Good grief! I almost gave up before finally running across a really pretty bracelet at Target last night. (Old Faithful, it never fails me!)

The other great part of Easter is the food! Since it's Easter tomorrow, I decided to whip up a little Easter treat today.

Nah, just kidding. I didn't make this super-adorable Peep and jelly bean cake. I wish I could say that I did, but I'm just not crafty this way. I'm pretty sure the Peeps would look more like roadkill by the time I was finished with it. Actually my mom (who is crafty and talented in the novelty cake department) made this. 

This was my Easter treat.

Chocolate oatmeal peanut butter cookies. (Aka no-bakes. Aka minimal effort required.)

Now, these cookies are not bright, egg-shaped, or pastel-colored. They're simply delicious, and I prepared them within 24 hours of Easter. That makes them an Easter treat in my book. And they're heavenly, no matter what the holiday. Now if only I can keep myself from eating all of them in one sitting. 

Seriously, be thankful tomorrow (and every day) that Jesus died for you, and even  more thankful He rose again! Happy Easter everyone!


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