For Those Who Are Discouraged...

First of all, let me go ahead and "apologize" that this post will be of a more serious nature. Although humor can be extremely uplifting (merry heart = medicine), sometimes other sources can be encouraging too. It seems lately that many people I know, both friends and family, have faced discouraging circumstances. Ministry problems, family problems, financial problems... These and more have always been prevalent, I suppose, but as I get older (all 23 years) I have become more aware of these problems. Most of you know that I have been known to write a poem or two in the last few years. (One gene that did make it from my dad to me). A couple weeks ago, after a conversation with someone hurting, the Lord laid these words on my heart. I have really hesitated to post this because I have never wanted to "showcase" my writing on here, but I through some different circumstances this week I've really felt like it was needed. I don't know what you or someone you love is going through, but God does!

He had faced Baal's prophets and called fire from above,
He'd fed a hungry widow and her son;
He'd worked so very hard for God and labored long in love,
But looked around for help and he found none.

After all the trials and the tests had come his way,
And things had really started getting tough,
Elijah couldn't bear to stand and fight another day,
He cried, "Lord take my life... it is enough!"

So God sent down an angel to give Elijah rest,
To strengthen and to feed his weary soul;
He knew His faithful prophet had given all His best,
And only Heaven's touch could make him whole.

For the years of ceaseless toil and attack from all around
Had finally overwhelmed this weary man;
When everything seems shaky, it's hard to stand your ground,
And it feels like no one else could understand.

God sent a great and mighty wind, but the answer wasn't there;
He sent an earthquake, too, but not a sound;
The refreshing peace and answers, the freedom from all care,
In a still, small voice was finally found.

So the prophet now is ready, his faith has been restored,
And with a strength renewed he starts again;
For now he knows he's not alone in service for the Lord,
And there's nowhere he can go God hasn't been.

God's business truly is the greatest one in all the world,
 But sometimes things don't go just as we planned.
Remember in those moments when the Devil's darts are hurled,
We're holding to our Savior's sovereign hand.

It may not make much sense to us; our finite minds can't see
The reasons for the trials that we face.
But His thoughts and ways are higher and His reason may just be
That His plan we'll learn to totally embrace.

But like Elijah, know that help is on the way,
Though it may not be a noisy, showy sign;
Sometimes God's awesome power is best put on display
Through a still, small voice that whispers, "You are mine."

We all know discouragement and life go hand in hand;
We face problems each and every day.
But remember that there is no wrong that can be done to you
That the things God does for you cannot outweigh.

Don't forget like that old prophet that God is in control,
He knows exactly who you are and what you need.
He's sending something to refresh your weak and weary soul;
In Him you'll find the power to succeed.

You're not alone, you never were; when it feels like no one's there, 
Just look beside you and you'll see His hand.
Sit back and watch as times of hardship and despair
Become the thing of beauty that He planned.


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