High Five for Friday!

This post is a little sad for me, because it's coming on the heels of spring break... meaning spring break is almost over and Monday we head back to school. (Boooo!!!) However, we did have a great time with my parents and my sister, April (the SMART one!) and my beautiful niece Leslie! So, here's my week in review.

How adorable is this? We had been shopping for a couple hours and Leslie had apparently become very relaxed in her car seat. I love this pose! She is so stinkin' cute... especially her little teeth when she's smiling. Adorable! 

I just love this still from this week's episode of Psych, "True Grits". Shawn and Jules (aka "Shules" to the die-hard fans) are too cute! "I am confident I did good police work." "I am sure you did, Jules, but we all make mistakes, right? So you put an innocent man behind bars for three years. I threw out the comics yesterday before Gus had a chance to read Foxtrot." 

I realize that this bowl looks like it's full of, well, mud... but actually it is the yummiest concoction known to man. Mamaw made chocolate gravy this morning! Yes, it is heavenly. If you haven't tried it, do not turn up your nose. You must try it! Sooooo good! (Despite this picture... not the best advertisement, I know.)

Although I am very upset with Amanda for withholding her children from a visit from me, I do not begrudge her the little getaway the Montepeque family got to take to Savannah this week. How these two could get any cuter is beyond me! I simply adore them!!!!

I pinned this earlier today because it made me laugh loudly! I feel that way all the time! Poor grammar, tights as pants, loud ringtones... okay, I'll save them for another post, perhaps.

Oh, and one thing I didn't get to include as a "high five" simply because I have no pictures yet is that I got a whole bunch of "house stuff" for our new place. Thanks to April for getting me some great stuff for my birthday and my mom for helping me pick out some pretty things too. (In case you haven't noticed, I'm not really the Martha Stewart type, so I need all the help I can get in the home decor department.) I can't wait to put it all together! 

I hope everyone's had a fabulous week, even if it wasn't your spring break! I know I enjoyed mine! Happy Friday, everyone!



  1. Yay! I love new home decor stuff - I told April she needs to become a pro. She helped me out too - goodness knows I needed it!!!


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