If you've been following along for the past couple months, you know that my life has changed pretty radically since August... and that I haven't exactly made a seamless transition into this new chapter. Isn't it funny that in 2013, my word of the year was contentment? I try very hard to keep things in perspective and I know that most of what I "struggle" with is a laugh compared to the trials of others, but it's still been a rocky few months while I navigate the waters of this "new normal." (The following paragraph is plagiarized from myself straight from Instagram, so if it sounds familiar then you've probably already read it. =)

It's hard to believe that today is November 1 and the holiday season is upon us (yay!). This time last year I was directing two programs, teaching, and busier than I'd ever been in my life. I would have given anything for a slower pace! And now I'm definitely on the other end of the spectrum with a whole lot of free time and not very many responsibilities... And I'm missing the frantic rush of it all! This morning I listened to a message called "Seasons" by Cary Schmidt (download the podcast... It's a good one!) and was convicted by the reminder to not only be content in each season of life, but also to love and cherish each one. Wow! That's a whole lot easier said than done, and I have to admit that I have not done a good job of it here lately, but the sermon was just the reminder I needed after a good little chunk of time feeling sorry for myself.

So, instead of being sad that I am literally living the schedule I would have killed for a year ago, I decided to put on my favorite scarf, get a peppermint mocha frap (yes!!!), and explore the beautiful new Christmas aisles at Target (which of course led to a different kind of discontentment. :) The point is that life rarely is in the season we want it to be... But then that season passes and we wish for it back. When I was engaged, I wanted to be married. When I got married, I wanted to have a baby. (Well, I still want that, but all in good time.) When your kids are little, you wish they were bigger and when they grow up you wish they hadn't. It goes on and on! I'm praying not just for contentment but also the ability- with the Lord's help- to love and cherish my current season, the one He's placed me in "for such a time as this."

Season's (see what I did there?) Greetings! 

And expect a whole lot of holiday cheer around here for the next two months because it is CHRISTMAS time, folks! That's a season I can celebrate, no matter what.

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