Hello, Monday. I'm recovering from another night of insomnia (ugh!) so there's that.

In that vein of thought... hello, coffee. =)

Hello, my sweet little buddy that I got to hang out with after far too long. I love this crazy girl!

Hello, pretty necklace I'm so happy I bought. (Materialism strikes again.) Also, weird straggly hairs. #awkward

Hello, red cups. Mainstream? You bet. I'll never stop loving caramel apple spice or peppermint mocha. 

Hello, quirky little Christmas panda I found for Amanda. He looks slightly deranged but that's okay. =)

Hello, proof that I got dressed (in actual outfits) three days in a row last week. 

Hello, best friend pictures taken on the same night five years apart. (Short hair was not a good look for me.)

Hello, gorgeous fall leaves. As eager as I am for Christmas to arrive, I'm kind of dreading all the trees looking bare for the next several months, especially if there's no snow to make them pretty.

Also, hello, awesome church services yesterday, music that just made my heart full, a (close!) win for Bama this weekend, and sweet people we met at our mission service last night. Hello, our annual Christmas list date, progress on my book (baby steps, but still!), and a stack of library books to plow through this week. Hello to Christmas choir music, Christmas shopping, and Christmas movies on Netflix. (Also, You've Got Mail was just added and I might have been jumping up and down like a child. I.love.this.movie.) 

Most of all, hello, my dear friends. I'm so lucky you keep coming by. Have a lovely week. =)


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