Happy Wednesday

Since I'm a hermit not working/going out too much these days, I get excited when I have a reason to put on a real outfit and leave the house. Exciting times, ya know? And yes, I realize that just because I don't have a real reason to get dressed up every day, I probably shouldn't be constantly lounging in my flannel pj's and tank that says, "Sleep is my cardio." (True story.) However, it IS nice to actually have something on my schedule that gives me a reason to plan an outfit. 

Enter my lunch date today, where I met my friend Laura (who is theeee funniest person ever, seriously) at this amazing little Panera-like bakery and we talked and talked and ate massive bread samples and I embarrassed myself laughing. (You know when you're around a really funny person and you know you're laughing so hard that you look stupid but it's so funny that you can't stop so you just sound like a maniacal teenager giggling nonstop? That was me today. I couldn't help it.) We talked about books and writing (she is totally my writing mentor and will be mentioned in the acknowledgments of my first book, whenever that may be) and crazy bloggers and politics and ALL THE THINGS. It was glorious. 

SO I've always been bad about "saving" outfits but I've kind of gotten worse since before I would at least see people at school every day but now I can literally wear something all day and no one will see it... so why bother? I've had this outfit planned in my head for a while though and today was the perfect special occasion for it. (Having lunch with a friend, no matter how special the friend, is considered a special occasion to me so that gives you a good look at my social life these days. Ha!) 

I've been eyeing this shirt for a long, long time. It's one of those things that doesn't really fall into any specific area of my closet (basics, dressy, needs, etc.) but I was just drawn to the colors and the pattern and I tend to get tunnel vision about clothes (there's a ridiculous story along those lines coming to you soon) and this shirt was that way. So when it finally went on clearance I swooped in and snatched it up. I love J.Crew tshirts because they fit really well (not tight but not huge) and last forever. If you can snag one on clearance it's worth the money! I can't wait to wear this one with my many different cardigans. 

I've come to grips with how ankle boots look on me and I've started wearing them anyway. 

Not so flattering without the help of my magic mirror, eh? (#thisismyreallife)

Shirt: J.Crew Factory (cheaper in-store)
Cardigan: Forever 21 (under $9 and they have a ton of colors)
Skirt: Old Navy (similar)
Boots: Belk (last year)

Necklace: Also J.Crew Factory (and an elephant because REPUBLICANS, y'all. Woo!)

And the lady herself. She's the bomb!

It's been a great afternoon, folks. Sometimes you just need to hang out with someone who gets you and makes you laugh, eat yummy food, and laugh at weirdos on Instagram. (And, you know, have an excuse to get dressed. Win!) 

Happy Wednesday!


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  1. I totally "save" outfits as well. I'm bad about that. And I really do need a shirt that says "sleep is my cardio"...how great is that? I think ankle boots look great on you!! What are you talking about, lady?!

  2. Love this outfit!! Your shirt is so fun and the ankle boots look awesome! I know what you mean though, it always takes me soooo long to get used to seeing something "different" on myself even though it looks amazing on everyone else!

  3. I think ankle boots look great on you! And the shirt is really cool - I'm glad you decided to get it!


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