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I'm a notorious impulse buyer but sometimes even I am blessed with a little sartorial foresight (wow, that sounds pretentious!) and make a purchase that turns out to be a really, really good buy. Since we're currently between full-time jobs I don't have the same shopping budget I did before, so I've been trying hard to only buy things I really love. (I haven't been totally successful, but being on a tighter budget helps! Ha!) Thanks to selling some stuff, I've had a little extra though, so don't worry. I'm very financially resourceful when it comes to shopping, and over the past couple months I've found a few of those great pieces that have ended up being wardrobe staples and a great use of my limited funds. =)

1. Stretchy pencil skirts- I've been wanting to add a few more of these to my collection for a while since they're so easy to pull on, dress up or down, and wear with everything... and since Merrick swears by them naturally I think they're a worthy wardrobe investment. Mine are from Old Navy and through good luck and sales, I snagged the black, charcoal, and striped versions all for about $10 each back in August. I'm a little embarrassed by how often I've worn them but then again, they're awesome for all the reasons I mentioned, sooo... maybe I should be proud? (Also, a head's up... I go up a size on these for a longer length and because they're super stretchy- aka clingy which is not such a good look on some of us, meaning me.)

2. Fun flats- I saw these online at Target (no surprise there!) and waited patiently like a good girl until they were 50% off. I ordered them in the blush color (which I'm not sure is still available? maybe?) and I've worn them a TON. Since it's still pretty warm here in NC I'll probably be able to wear them through the rest of this month and I think they're perfect for spring! Also, if you don't have a Target RedCard you really should get one. I know, the whole identy theft thing- scandal!- but it's nice to get 5% off every purchase AND my favorite perk is free shipping. I'm a major sucker for free shipping. Anyway, I love the cutout detail on these flats and they're shockingly comfortable. Win! 

3. Pretty scarf- I've been slowly purging (and then rebuilding) my scarf collection over the past few months and when I found this one at H&M I knew it would be perfect for fall. I know it's cliche to pull out the "burnt orange" in October but hey... I'm a big fan of seasonal dressing. (It's ridiculous how many red and green outfits I put together in December.) Anyway, it's such a pretty shade of orange and I really love that it's with navy instead of black (which feels a little too Halloween with orange to me. "Oh, but you'll dress like a Christmas elf?" Yes, I will.) I've worn it several times already and it's a great thickness and drape and all that good stuff. Definitely a good fall purchase!

4. Awesome plaid flannel- I can't take any credit here... my darling, generous sister April bought me this shirt from Old Navy after I stared longingly at it and dropped a hint or two (or five.) She really is the best. It's the perfect weight (not flimsy but not Paul Bunyan-esque.) I've already worn it and plan to wear it again many, many times in the future with sweaters, vests, under a dress... it's awesome! I love the colors, I love that it's longer in the back, I love everything about it. April, I love you. 

The soles look extremely thick in this picture but they're not that overwhelming in real life, I promise!

5. Printed sneakers- I love that these are a thing right now because they're so comfortable and it's a little bit unexpected to wear a leopard print on such a casual shoe. I've only had these for about a week (they were $8!) and I've already worn them several times... they're an easy way to make your outfit a little more interesting even if you're just wearing jeans and sweatshirt (which I was at least once.) Check them out at Target... they have a bunch of cute prints! I love the houndstooth ones for all my Bama gear. =) (And speaking of the sneaker trend, I've totally got my eye on this quilted pair. When it's clearance time I'll be all over those!) 

Wearing this stuff in real life =) 

I love, love, love all these pieces and fully intend to wear them on repeat in the coming months. And there are a few more items I've had heavily in rotation lately that aren't necessarily recent purchases but good ones just the same, and you may want to consider looking up some similar options! I'm loving my green utility vest (it adds a layer of interest to just about any outfit), my gold flats, my dark chambray shirt, my graphic tees, my thin gold necklaces that can be layered, and my boyfriend-fit blazer that looks a little dressy but has a relaxed fit so it's not too businesslike (the cuffed sleeves help too!). Oh, and sweatshirts. I want ALL the sweatshirts, especially gray. I have a problem.

AND I've got my eye out for a few pieces that are eluding me, including a burgundy pencil skirt (WHY is one so hard to find??), black wedges (the search continues!), and the perfect blanket-type cardigan. If you see one of these things give me a holler, okay? Helping each other spend money... that's what friends are for.


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