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After stretching out my "holiday"/winter classroom decor as long as possible (and with a few hearts thrown up for V-Day), it was finally time for some bulletin board changes. I really love this theme... I planned on doing when we started school and then our new building wasn't finished until the end of September so I just started with fall stuff. It was inconvenient at the time, but it was nice to have a whole room theme ready and waiting with minimal effort this time around.

The bad thing about cutting out letters in August and then losing the paper that goes with them is that I could not remember for the life of me what all my hashtags were supposed to say. It took a little creativity to get it all right (and I had some letters left over... oops!) but oh well. I just love these little birds!

I want to add pictures of the kids (with "buddy" poses) around this, since it's a little bare on its own.

Maybe my favorite.

The students helped me with this one... the rainbow border isn't my favorite but it was what they picked out and I had nothing else to match. =) And it was going to have Philippians 4:8 ("whatsoever things are true, honest, lovely. etc.") under it but clearly I ran out of room.

We'll see if any of the students agree with this statement (my guess is probably not.)

Not my idea, but I love this one! 

Other than having way too much captions (as always!) this time around was pretty painless. I really do love this theme, and it's actually great timing that I'm doing it now because several of my students are writing research papers about social media. And, I mean, these kids are all obviously on social media (or at least texting constantly), so if I can remind them every day (at least subconsciously) to think twice before posting something stupid then maybe I'm doing a good job. =) 


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