A Hodgepodge

This is totally and unapologetically a poor man's blog post of a bunch of recent pictures and happenings cobbled together to resemble something interesting...

What's that I hear? Snoring? Right... back to the excitement.

I love FaceTiming this big boy. He's become HUGE all of a sudden. It's like he turned three and BOOM- instant adolescence. 

Only my version of the Marriage Supper of the Lamb.

I love choir music arrangers (lookin' at you, Mike Speck) who think that the average church choir member has the lung capacity of a whale. (I don't know if whales can sing, but I know they have huge lungs.) 

It's been a good week for my disturbingly large necklace collection; I picked up this little beauty for $4! Yay!

I've wanted an oversize rose gold watch for a while and I found this one at American Eagle for seven bucks! It's nice to find something there that doesn't make me feel like an ogre... my days of fitting (literally!) into their demographic are long gone, I'm afraid. =)

And the grand finale... I pinned the necklace on the right from J.Crew on Thursday, but I wasn't willing to cough up over fifty dollars for it. On Friday night, I found the (very similar) version at Cato on clearance for $6.99! Score! I was just slightly over-the-top excited about this... I have wanted some kind of jewelry with pastel colors for the spring and this was perfect. =)

There are few things I love more than time spent with Mamaw. I love this lady!

We've finally had a few spring-y days in a row and so a bright floral skirt, shiny shoes, and my new sweatshirt  seemed appropriate (even though it was still 40 degrees when I left the house this morning.)

RA blogged about this book last year and I've loved these words ever since. She shared the same post today and I was reminded of them and how true they are... "the track you took in must also go out." Inspiration from a children's book? The best kind.

So, just a few snapshots of what I've been doing and buying and eating... not pictured is the beautiful sunshine I enjoyed today (walked three miles- yay!), a stack of library books I'm sure I'll get around to boring you to tears over soon, and Reese's Egg wrappers lying around. (Take that, three miles.)



  1. These are often my favorite posts! Glad you did it. I seriously need to go necklace shopping with you...I love your collection. I haven't been in American Eagle in forever...glad you found something good!

  2. I never go in stores like AE anymore because of my "who wears this stuff?" reaction and the loud music. Wow. I really am old.

    Love the necklaces.


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