Hello There

Hello, friends. It's been a few days and I've been quiet... mostly because I've been reading a lot and feeling... not really uninspired, but for once tossing around a whole bunch of ideas and since I still haven't picked one I chose the reliable old "everything but the kitchen sink." So, what's new? Let's say hello...

Hello, Monday. Nice of you to be relaxing without any pressing plans.

Hello, downtown New Bern. You're totally my favorite... and the Pepsi store has the best Mountain Dew in the world.

"Did ya see that sky today? Talk about blue!"
"Yes, Kronk, riveting."

Hello, Psych Season 1. Even though I'm still heartbroken that it's all over, I'm thoroughly enjoying watching from the beginning. 

Hello, spring weather that has finally decided to show its face. Nice of you to show up!  (Although, I was wearing leggings, boots, and a scarf last night, so... we'll see. Mother Nature is a fickle woman.)

Hello, my new favorite sweatshirt. Finally getting it was quite an ordeal that I'll have to share sometime. (Also, hello to my new favorite shirt. Hello, sales from Old Navy.)

Hello, gorgeous spring flowers. I love gerbera daisies! 

Hello, my new favorite picture:

Hello, my other new favorite picture:

Hello, my sweet husband that I love so much...

Hello, amazing dinner that he made tonight: 

What are you saying hello to this week? 


P.S. Sara, sorry this post is probably far less than inspiring, but... it's what I've got.

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