High Five for Friday...

Oh, Friday. I am so happy you are finally here! This week has been nuts because 1) it's the last "full" week of school and getting 8 and 9-year-olds to concentrate with summer beating down their doors is impossible quite difficult and 2) we are in the throes of packing up our apartment for our move in June and I have literally been surrounded by piles of STUFF for the past 5 days. I may not be a Betty Crocker when it comes to cleaning, but one thing I can't stand is clutter... so that much is driving me crazy. 

BUT the weekend is here and with it a brief respite from school (which I will fill with more packing... joy.) I have to say, though, that this week has included some good moments, which I will now divulge. (You know, the "high five" part). Oh, and humor me... because this post is mostly about stuff I've bought lately. But I have a gift, as I've said before. The deals just find me!)

1. I have gotten some MAJOR clearance scores this week!!! Call me crazy, but I just can't pass up something under $4! Target and Old Navy, thanks for allowing me to get several new items for little money! I am your humble servant. =)
$3.88 at Target (shop) 

I know fedoras aren't for everyone (maybe they aren't for me either, and I'm just blissfully unaware!) but I love this hat! I'm looking forward to wearing it this summer! 

$2.50 at Old Navy (shop)

I loved this bright orange color and I couldn't beat the price! It's casual but cute and comfortable ( aren't those are the 3 c's?)

$3.50 at Old Navy (shop)

I got this color (the pink and brown) and also the same one in a bright yellow/pale gray which wasn't featured online for some reason. I thought I'd save the pink and brown for fall but I wore the yellow and gray today with a pleated denim skirt and navy flats, and it was ah-dorable. With the sleeves rolled up it wasn't too warm at all and fit really well (without being itchy... who likes itchy sweaters?). Great buys, both of them!

2. I got brave on Tuesday and decided to mix patterns. I have seen pattern mixing in a million places, but always feel like I can't "pull it off". I had a black dress, tan cardigan, and striped scarf picked out, but the sweater is a little baggy and it just needed some shape. So, at the last minute I added my leopard belt and I actually liked it. Since the leopard is the same colors as the sweater and dress it didn't feel too crazy to me, and I was really pleased with how it turned out. (I hear leopard is considered a neutral these days... right?)

You can tell from my split ends that it's time for a trim. I'll add that to my list.

3. A friend recommended this book to me last week and it was FABULOUS. It's a fictional adaption of the story of Rahab, and it was an intriguing at redemption, prejudices, and forgiveness. It's excellently documented detailed historical facts, but doesn't feel like a history lesson. Still, I learned quite a bit about the Israelite culture that I hadn't picked up in Sunday school over the years. =) It also happens to be a beautiful love story that I couldn't put down! I highly recommend it! (Oh, and it was FREE on the Kindle! Woohoo!)

4. I decided to make homemade salsa for some friends of ours on Tuesday, and of course made a double batch so I could have some for us! This stuff is soooooo good, and I must confess that I may or may not have already eaten most of it. It's super simple too!

Ingredients: 2 cans Rotel, one small can tomato paste, 1/8 cup finely chopped celery, 1/2 cup chopped onion, one tbs sugar, salt and pepper to taste. (You can also add chopped jalapenos, but I don't because I don't like it super hot!)
Combine all ingredients and refrigerate. 
Devour all in one sitting enjoy ladylike portions with tortilla chips.


5. I got to go spend a brief but so-fun weekend with my bff Sara. We only had 24 hours to hang out but we squeezed every bit of fun in there that we could, including our traditional Saturday morning McDonald's breakfast, traditional Chickfila lunch, and lots and lots of shopping (in fact, it was with her that I found some of those deals). It was so fun to see her cute little house and adorable classroom and of course just talk for hours, which we never have time to do anymore! I'm so thankful for our friendship! God knew I needed her as a homesick little 15-year-old unaccustomed to Georgia ways many years ago. =) 

Friends for life!

And that, folks, is my High Five for Friday! Happy weekend, everyone! (BTW, did I mention there is ONE WEEK of school left before summer??? Woohoo!!!!)


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