High Five for Friday!

Where to begin? This week has been cra-zy. We had had something going on every night! Piano recitals, church, birthday supper (one for Jonathan, one for Mamaw), doctors appointment.... lots and lots of "stuff" going on around the McNeese house! Actually it's been going on everywhere BUT our house, since we've barely been home! =) 

Anyway, alot of nice things have happened this week that I would love to share! First (and this isn't part of the five, just a bonus!), thanks for all the feedback on Tuesday's post! It's a little scary to "speak my mind" on here (even jokingly) but from all the comments it seemed many people identified with several of my "concerns". And you will be happy to know that I was chanting "tights are not pants!" in a less-than-subtle tone to a lady at Ross yesterday, much to my husband's chagrin! haha! 

So, without adieu... my high five for Friday!

1. We got free tickets to Willy Wonka at our local theatre last Saturday! It was AWESOME! The acting, the singing, the costumes... everything was just amazing! It was every bit as good as performances I've seen at big city theatres. Who knew people like that lived right here in Goldsboro? =) Of course, at the end I was feeling like I wanted to run up on stage and join them, but alas... my pitiful little shaky hands could never handle such a performance! For now it will just have to be my secret dream. =)

They had all kinds of Wonka candy for sale in the lobby, and of course I had to get some! (Pardon my pale knees in this picture!)

Enjoying the show!

2. This week, my seester, Amanda, sent me several clips of Emily singing (This is the Day, How Can I Keep from Singing, and my personal favorite... a hammed up version of Mercy Said No, all complete with key change and big ending.) Seriously, could this child be any cuter? 

No, she could not.

Call me a doting aunt (which I am!), but I have listened to those songs about 25 times since Tuesday. I love my Emmy!!!! One day I will devote a blog post to my nieces and my nephew... but for now, just know that this little girl is my favorite 3-year-old on the planet. 

2. Some of my very best friends in the world are graduating from college tomorrow! Brook, Blake, Starling... and a few more (but I thought I had enough pictures. =) It is killing me that I can't be there for the ceremony, but I will watch what I can online and be thinking about everyone! It's hard to believe that my own graduation was a year ago (it feels like much longer) but I am so thankful for my friends and the memories we were able to make together in college! I'm very proud of you guys for not just making it but doing so well (and pushing me to do my best when I didn't feel like it!) All the late night study sessions have paid off! Enjoy the Pomp and Circumstance! =)

3. Don't have a picture for this one, but we had a big answer to prayer on Tuesday. We discovered last year that Jonathan has a degenerative liver condition (with a long, difficult-to-pronounce name that I won't attempt to spell without looking it up)... anyway, he takes medication for it and the symptoms have been much better for the past few months. Still, we had to go back to his specialist for a check-up, and even though there wasn't really anything to worry about, of course I had to worry! However (despite my worst-case-scenario-itis), everything went well on Tuesday and from what they could tell Jonathan is doing great! (Yay!) 
4. The home decor stuff at Target I've been watching forever (that I first started collecting when my lovely sister April decided I needed an early birthday present), called the Modern Morocco Collection, was finally on clearance this week. So, in addition to the lamp shade, rug, and other items April got me, I also got a vase and some other decorative ceramic thingie (I'm so up my on my decorator lingo!) for a total of $11! (And I had a gift card from my birthday! Score!)

5. Okay, I saved the best for last.... tonight, my Christmas present is finally coming to fruition. That's right, folks... we are going to see WICKED at the Durham Performing Arts Center. 

Cue applause, confetti, cheering, jumping up and down, squeals of joy, etc.

I am sooo excited about seeing this FABULOUS show for the 4th (yes, 1, 2, 3, 4) time. It is, simply put, magical. Don't worry, I'm planning on dedicating a full post to its glorious-ness sometime next week. In the meantime, I'm going to have a hard time paying attention in class today... oh wait. I'm the teacher. Oops! That might be a problem. =)

That's all for now! Have a fabulous weekend, everybody! 



  1. Ahhh Willy Wonka! That's so cool that you got free tickets!
    And don't you just love it when what you really want goes on clearance?! That's seriously got to be one of my favorite things EVER!
    And... I LOVE Wicked!!! That's so awesome that you get to see it again!

    Found you through Lauren's blog!

    Every Day is a New Adventure

    1. Oh... Wicked was simply magical. And I just checked out your blog; I am so jealous of your world travels! Also, I was an English major so we definitely have the "grammar nazi" thing in common. =)


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