Alice Juliet- Eight/Nine Months

How is that my baby has now been with us for the same length of time as my pregnancy? The past nine months have been like a blink, while pregnancy seemed to last years. It seriously blows my mind that this girl's first birthday is around the corner. How did this happen? WHY DIDN'T ANY OF YOU WARN ME? (Sob.) Okay, I'm calm now. 

I thought about putting off this post another few days because Alice has her nine-month checkup on Tuesday and we'll know her weight and length and all that but I knew if I waited then I might not blog again until she's like three. Poor little neglected Dash of Ash! Ha! (Except... that's what I did. Oops.) Anyway, here we go... the latest and greatest on Miss Priss, who is so ridiculously big and mobile and crazy these days I can't even handle it. 

Weight and Length- we just had a checkup today and she's 18 pounds 9 ounces and 28.5 inches long! She's definitely growing! =) 

Nicknames- Alice from the Palace, Al, Ayice (the way Ella says it, like pollo. Ha!), Squish, Fatsy Patsy, Sugar Bee, Princess Pie, Jolly Holiday

Sleep- at least 10 hours at night, and her naps have gotten much better. The past two months have been a STRUGGLE on the nap front. Like, kicking and screaming (not to mention Alice doesn't like them.) Haha- seriously though. My previously jolly baby somehow morphed into this alter ego Crazy Baby and it was ROUGH. We have finally turned a corner (aka I just wait until she's obviously exhausted before trying to put her down) but there have been some tearful afternoons for both of us. Thank goodness it's gotten better. Also thank goodness she never ever acts like that at night and if I had to pick one I would pick night to go more smoothly.

Eating- she's still nursing 4 times a day and once at bedtime, with solids 3-4 times too. I'm trying to cut down the nursing to 4 times total and we're introducing new foods more often now too (including puffs. God bless puffs.) She's not picky at all and has seemingly enjoyed everything but her favorite food right now is green beans (just like her mama!) I'm not crunch by any stretch of the imagination but I do make her food myself because it's cheaper and I have nothing better to do with my time. Ha! Mostly I just cook/steam vegetables on the stove and then puree them in the blender. Easy (obviously, since I do it) and healthy. (Before you know it I'll be making my own bread or something. Psshhh. I don't have high hopes.)

Clothing- she's pretty much entirely in 9 month stuff now except for some 6 month pajamas and a few 6-9 month dresses. Still not really wearing socks or shoes ever (bad mom) but it's so hot I don't even care. 

Mood- happy! Of course, now that she's so much bigger and more aware and opinionated she likes to express herself quite a bit =)... but she is so friendly and sweet and has the biggest smiles for just about everyone! (Although when she is sad her poochie lip is SO adorable.) 

Loves- my singing (I know, I don't understand it either. =)

-wrestling with her daddy
-MOVING (crawling, pulling herself up, etc.)
-anything she can't have =) (lotion, my phone, the remote control, cords... basically anything dangerous or poisonous is like her forbidden fruit!) 
-her rings and other little toys
-people-watching (she's nosy like her daddy!)

Doesn't Love- naps if she's not ready for them (#angryangryangry)

-getting in her carseat
-getting her clothes changed (soon dramatic!)
-leaving mama
-too many strangers at once 
-being held for long (she is on the GO!) 

What I Want to Remember/Milestones- oh my word... SO many things have changed in the past couple of months! She is crawling (and FAST... she speeds around everywhere!), just started pulling herself up, walking when we hold her hands, grabbing food herself, really playing independently (instead of just putting toys in her mouth =), and just becoming such a little person. I think she's going to be left-handed because she almost always grabs for things with her left hand and transfers things to her left hand before eating them or whatever. She is starting to give kisses (open-mouthed, of course- EW! haha) and reaching for us. Still no words yet but she definitely knows our names and hers. She loves to be loved on! She loves kisses and tickles but sadly she is such a busy bee that pretty much the only snuggling I get now is when she's eating or right before she goes to sleep. =( Even with all the anti-nap tantrums and frustrations of the past several weeks, she's been the sweetest, best baby. We went to North Carolina and had family visit recently and she did great with all the different people around. I love showing her off to friends and family too (including her future husband Sawyer. =) 

What I'm Looking Forward To- I'm actually really sad about it but her first birthday is the next big thing happening... we are planning on getting family pictures done and then an Alice in Wonderland photo shoot for her so that will be fun. And planning her little party will be fun too (so will shopping for her presents. =)

Me- the last couple of months have tested me in whole new ways compared to the beginning stages of this motherhood gig. Sleep training a newborn or dealing with daily fussy times or whatever were all a piece of cake compared to the daily battle of trying to get her to nap. Nothing makes you feel like a failure like not being able to control an 8-month-old baby. And of course the Mom Guilt is strong and it's easy to lean over her crib while she's screaming and picture a lifetime of delinquent behavior that started right in this moment that you lingered for one second too long before actually leaving the room and STAYING OUT (I'm such a wimp. Ugh.) Thank goodness we've rounded that corner! Overall, as always, this is the best gig in the world. I have experienced more joy in these nine months than in my whole life. She's just the best. 

There you go! For those of you (my mom and whoever else) who read these little updates, thanks! You are singlehandedly keeping this blog going. One day I'll write about other things again, but for now it's nice to have a place to keep a record of Alice. And you can't say you mind the pictures. =) 

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