26 Weeks and a Wonderland Shower

I'm a couple of weeks behind on my updates but I've been out of town having my usual lovely, chaotic time in Georgia with the Baines clan. Other than the tragic fact that Jonathan had to stay behind, I had a great trip. Pool days, shopping, movies, and wondering what in the world we all did before five (five!!!) babies joined the family.

Why not add a couple more monkeys to this circus??


It's so fun being pregnant at the same time as one of my sisters! Only two weeks apart!

Breakfast at Panera, shopping at Belk, and pedicures! Thanks, Gigi! =)

This is the sweetest, most content little lady ever.

Love my brothers!

I can't believe how big all these crazy kids are getting! 

It was a wonderful week for many reasons (um, Cookout is now 15 minute away... whaaat?) but of course the highlight was the beautiful Wonderland shower my sisters, mom, and best friend threw for me and Alice. It was perfect down to every little detail... the decorations, the food (plus, you know, presents!) and they really just outdid themselves.

Gigi and Papa 

Beautiful hostesses! (I'm so glad Sara could come- she is a saint!)

You can see more pictures and details in my album on Facebook!

I could say so much more about the trip and the shower, but I do want to say thank you to all the sweet ladies from my parents' church who came and brought Alice so many pretty things! It was humbling to receive that kind of generosity especially since I've been away from home for five years away. Berean ladies know how to spoil a pregnant lady! =) I also have to thank my my mom for agreeing to my no-party-games policy. (Seriously, though... aren't all shower games the worst??) I loved our beautiful party and Alice is a very loved girl already!

I'm actually right between 26 and 27 weeks but for this update, we'll stay 26 weeks. (I'd save it for 27 weeks but we'll be mid-VBS and I'm not sure I'll feel like blogging. =) 

Exactly 26 weeks- my dress is from Loft and it's non-maternity! Oh, and it has pockets! 

How far along: 26.5 weeks today!
How big is baby: 9.2 inches (allegedly, says the app) and around 2 pounds
Weight gain: Hmm... not sure. I feel pretty good though so I'm not too worried about it. (We'll see what happens!)
Sleeping: Pretty good! Somehow I wake up right around 7:30 every.morning. without an alarm (why couldn't I have had that skill when I was teaching??) and even though I was pretty tired several days last week (five kids under 7 somehow wore me out, interestingly enough) I made it through with minimal napping. Of course, I got home Tuesday night, did okay on Wednesday, and then napped twice yesterday, so.... 

Food cravings: Well, it's a new one- my sister April (also pregnant!) raved all week about some sandwich at Wendy's and I was a little skeptical but holy cow. If your Wendy's has the Crispy Dill sandwich, go get one. Best $1.49 you'll ever spend. (I might get one tonight!)
Food aversions: Not much, but most fast food sounds really gross. 
Symptoms: My back still hurts fairly easily, and I find myself getting winded easily. It's not like I was in such great shape that I can blame that entirely on being pregnant, but still. And living on the third floor apartment might have something to do with it.
Miss Anything?:  Is it crazy for me to say no? Honestly, nothing comes to mind at the moment, except for maybe not being sooo tired all the time.
Doctor’s appointment:  In a few weeks... and I get to have the yummy glucose drink this time. Yay!
Clothes: I've relied heavily on dresses the past month, but I finally found maternity shorts (Walmart!) and they've already improved the quality of my life! I also found a few great things at Old Navy just this morning (they have an extra 30% off the clearance this weekend- a sale so rare it's practically extinct, so take advantage if you can!)
Movement: a LOT! I love, love, love feeling her roll around in there but I think my favorite time is at night when I'm almost asleep and she's going crazy... just a little mommy time. (I know, so sappy!) And of  course I loved that the kids got to feel her last week. Landon saying, "Hi, Baby Alice" was possibly the cutest thing ever.
Best moment of the week: Our shower, spending time with my family and friends, and being reunited with Jonathan! Every time I go out of town I swear I'll never do it again- three years of long distance in high school and college was enough!
What I’m looking forward to: having a bunch of new pieces for the nursery (many from the shower!) and getting started on putting it all together!
What I did / Got for baby: lots and lots of clothes, blankets, and more at the shower! I've also started collecting different editions of Alice in Wonderland and I'm enjoying looking for them (one brand-new version came from Goodwill!). I'm already coveting this one coming out in November!
Prayer requests: As always, health and safety for the baby and me... it is HOT but with the help of the pool we're surviving. =)

It's been a really fun week and half, but I'm happy to be home, back with Jonathan (and my books- nerd!) and gearing up for our VBS this week. We have a group coming to help and I'm so excited! (Also our theme is set it Bible days so I won't be surprised if I get roped into representing a pregnant Mary at some point. =)

Happy Friday!


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  1. Don't stress too much over the glucose drink - it just tastes like orange soda! No biggie - you'll do great! It's not the greatest, but WAY better than the nasty syrupy stuff they used to give you! It was so good seeing you this week!!


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