Disney Lullaby Playlist

Last summer I started a Disney Playlist series and because I'm lazy and our lives were in a slight upheaval I abandoned it after a few posts. But one of the first things I started planning when I found out I was pregnant was a list of Disney lullabies (does my baby have a name yet? Nope. Priorities, people.) So, after several revised drafts, here is my finalized list, in no particular order.

I realize that if a baby is at Disney World at night then she is probably not sleeping but oh well. I love this picture and now I reeeeaaaallly want to go back to Magic Kingdom at Christmas. Anyway.

1. Stay Awake from Mary Poppins- this is probably the most obvious choice for me since it's actually a lullaby. The fact that Mary Poppins was and remains one of my top favorite Disney movies doesn't hurt... and what baby wouldn't be soothed by Julie Andrews's beautiful voice?

2. When You Wish Upon a Star from Pinocchio- oh, Jiminy Cricket. The sweetest little bug (and conscience!) to ever befriend a puppet. (Ha- weirdest sentence ever.) Anyway, this is such a classic and the harmony is beautiful. I love those old-timey Disney arrangements.

3. Baby Mine from Dumbo- I'm pretty hard-hearted and this one can just about have me in tears. Dumbo is such a sad little movie and this part in particular is heart-breaking but so, so sweet. (Also I really like the Alison Krausse version.)

4. Second Star to the Right (also called Main Title) from Peter Pan- another favorite! I loved Peter Pan when I was little (apparently I would pray for him?? Weird kid) but this song is great and includes more of that harmony I love.

5. A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes from Cinderella- I mean, obviously; lullabies, dreams... this one is a shoe-in. The songs in Cinderella are just so pretty, and this one is no exception. Ilene Woods (the voice of Cinderella) is a treasure. (And you can't beat the mice for cuteness.)

6. Someone's Waiting for You from The Rescuers- I love this song and think of it any time I see an adoption story. It's so sweet! The Rescuers (and Rescuers Down Under) are a little underrated in my opinion and so is this song as it's usually overlooked. Not on this list!

7. Bella Notte from Lady and the Tramp- so this isn't exactly soothing but it's one of my favorites. I wanted to avoid "love" songs but I mean... this is the cutest! The spaghetti-sharing scene? (And it reminds me that a small part of me is still a dog-lover. =)

8. Proud of Your Boy from Aladdin on Broadway- yes, I'm having a girl, but I just love this song. I guess they cut it from the movie but brought it back for Broadway and I'm listened to it approximately a million times since I bought the album. Just a sweet song (and Adam Jacob's voice is so good- doesn't he look like a real-life Aladdin?)

9. In the Golden Afternoon from Alice in Wonderland- this scene always cracks me up because some of the flowers are so snobby to poor Alice. "Did you ever see an Alice that size?" "Come to think of it- did you ever see an Alice?" (I wanted to include the Main Title but it's a little too bombastic to be considered a lullaby, I think... this one might be too but I love it so it stays.)

10. Your Mother and Mine from Peter Pan- this song is often overlooked but it's so sweet (and sad!) when Wendy sings to all the Lost Boys on Neverland (and even Mr. Smee is moved to tears as he listens outside.) 

11. The Age of Not Believing from Bedknobs and Broomsticks- this movie is not that well-known but it really should be because it's fantastic but this song is one of my favorites. Angela Lansbury is golden at any age. It's not really a baby song but it makes me nostalgic nonetheless.

12. Once Upon a Dream from Sleeping Beauty- like I said, I was trying to avoid "love songs" but again- dreaming/lullabies- I just couldn't resist. I always thought Sleeping Beauty was the prettiest princess (and I'm seriously in love with the name Aurora.) 

13. Feed the Birds from Mary Poppins- what better way to bookend this post than by starting and ending with Mary Poppins? This song has been my favorite since I can remember (and it was Walt Disney's favorite so I'm in good company.) So soothing and beautiful. 

There you have it- there are PLENTY of great Disney songs that I'll include on other lists for the baby but these are the best lullabies, I think. Also, I'm working on a list of non-Disney (mostly Broadway) lullabies (think Edelweiss, Over the Rainbow, etc.) I've got to start a Spotify playlist asap so the baby can start hearing these songs every night! 

Any songs I missed? What would you add? Happy listening (and sleeping- who said lullabies are just for babies?)!


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