Guilt and a Baby Picture

So, it's been a while. Miss me? Whether you did or not, Facebook must think that you have, because I've received no fewer than five emails with this subject line in the past few days: 

Do I have fans? That's a little pretentious, Facebook.

Since there's nothing like guilt to spur me into action I'll pretend that these emails have some validity and that someone (anyone!) is eagerly awaiting a new post. It'll be like The Kid, when Lily Tomlin comes in and says, "Dozens of highly irate and important people are clamoring for you. There is pandemonium, I'm sure, somewhere, and you really must go- gasp!- right now." 

So, here I am. Where have I been? Let's see- sister-in-law's wedding (beautiful), followed by the worst stomach virus (or any kind of virus) that I've ever had in my life, which lasted for five days and made me hate all food during that time. Also, my sister and niece  and nephew were here, but I feel like our whole visit was spoiled since pretty much all we did was lie around and moan (she was sick too.) This round of devil sickness was followed by preparing my students for their final exams, grading research papers, and a little shopping because Belk was having a giant sale and I have no self-control. Then a little visit to Mamaw's (she caught the demon virus, so I vacuumed and swept for her because when I was sick my dirty floors only made me more miserable and I may have diagnosed myself with OCD) and a final lunch with the newlyweds before they headed back the wilderness Alabama. Then church, then (surprise!) another round with the feeling-like-I-got-run-over. (And no, it's not morning sickness. Trust me, when we get on that train you'll be the first to know.) 

Man, you're SO glad I broke my silence for all that, eh? 

I know my posts have been sporadic at best lately, and I really am sorry about that. I really want to be writing, but I'm in one of those funks where I have so much to say that rather than try to narrow it down, I just don't say anything. (And the whole puking-my-guts-up thing has been a pretty heavy deterrent here lately.) It's kind of a vicious cycle because I get rusty and when I'm rusty it's harder to write, but I need to write to not be rusty... you get it. And I'm rambling. Sleep has been eluding me lately, so I'll blame that. 

I promise I'll come up with something intelligible and noteworthy soon... but for now, here's a picture of me wearing a pirate hat. Enjoy. 

You're welcome.


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