Abiding in Christ

In Sunday school this week, our lesson was on abiding in Christ. The teacher (who happened to be Jonathan) brought up some things about the concept that I hadn't really considered and I ended up thinking about the lesson off and on all day. When night fell and I couldn't for the life of me go to sleep, I went downstairs to putter around and straighten up the kitchen and ended up with a notebook and pen... and wrote down these words.

Note: I wasn't going to share this but my sister said I should and I agreed on the chance it might actually encourage someone. It seems dumb to feel self-conscious about sharing something I wrote when, in fact, everything on this blog is something I wrote but whatever. (*Cue awkward stammering.*) 

Abide in Christ

"Abide in Christ," I heard today,
But what do these words mean?
Are they just another lesson,
Just another truth to glean?

Or is it truly possible
To walk with Christ each day,
To be in constant fellowship,
To not just come, but stay?

It's easy to begin, at first,
To fall in step with Him;
But to remain is difficult
Because at times the path grows dim.

But like a tree beside the waters,
We too must dig down deep;
And, with roots firmly planted,
Trust in Him our souls to keep.

Each trial, test, and circumstance
Is working for our good,
And through the "pruning" process
Becoming all He knew we could. 

Drawing strength from His provision,
And growing in His grace,
We'll bear fruit that brings Him glory
And a smile to His face.

Sometimes our roots can shrivel,
And our leaves begin to dry,
When we stray from His protection
And neglect His vast supply.

For only by remaining close,
Abiding at the source,
Can our own plants be thriving
And our growth remain on course.

He wants us to draw close to Him,
To give our very best,
And stay so He can, in return,
Give matchless peace and rest.

So, if you're in a season now
That seems dry and alone,
Abide in Him and know
He'll never leave you on your own.

And if you're being tested,
Don't deny His pruning shears;
Abide in Him, for He's creating 
Beauty through the tears.

And if you've come but haven't stayed,
Then know you're welcomed back.
Abide in Him and drink from
His supply that has no lack.

Just like the plant and vine,
We must remember day by day
That thriving only happens
When we trust Him and obey.

A relationship is possible,
Close together, side by side,
Knowing every minute
That in Christ we can abide.



  1. "Beauty through the tears..." By far my favorite line. Thank you for sharing your heart. I love it!

  2. You wrote this? Wow, Ash! That's impressive. I'm glad you did share it...anything about Christ (especially when it's this beautiful) is encouraging and uplifting.


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