Happy Things...

Some things just make me happy...

Mini-road trips with this guy (and a braid that actually stayed in for longer than two seconds...)

This view... I could get used to it.

An amazing anniversary dinner at this place (we went for the third year in a row.)

A huge cinnamon roll from Baker's Kitchen...

An exposed zipper, a cardigan, cheetah print, and my new wedges...

Getting this year's curriculum... (don't let my face fool you. I really am excited...ish.)

My new chambray Keds (thanks Mom!)... 

Spending time with my cousin... isn't family the best?

Hawaiian shaved ice... enough said.

And last but not least... I have been admiring this dress at Target for months and... patience pays off... I snatched it up tonight for seven bucks! Score!

What were your happy things this week? (My final happy thing, not pictured, is SLEEP... I need to rest up for our Vacation Bible School next week... then classroom decorating... then in-service, then SCHOOL. Bye, bye, summer. And you thought this was a happy post.)


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  1. Cinnamon rolls make me happy too!



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