Chambray 5 Ways...

So, if you read any style blogs or ever look on Pinterest (and by "look," don't we all mean "surf for far too long while avoiding other, more productive projects?") you've probably seen a "one piece, many ways" outfit post. (I even did one myself a while back.) Well, Audrey, who is a queen of remixing, started hosting a One Piece Many Ways linkup and while this week (and last week, and the week to come) has been crazy I decided to throw one more thing on my plate because I've missed doing outfit posts and I really love coming up with lots of outfits using just one piece. Also, Brook and I were recently discussing the need to shop for items that can be worn with multiple outfits, so here we are.

I almost feel like using chambray is cheating, because it's so versatile and it's become the poster child (er, shirt) for remixable clothes. However, I chose my polka-dot chambray button-down, so therefore it's a little different, right? Sure.

Behold, the crooked photo. The shirt is from TJ Maxx and I believe I got it for $13 on sale. (I suppose I should have picked up an iron at the same time. Oops.)

I'm only including this because it is the lone picture that shows my head... I'm not trying to be one of those cool, anonymous outfit bloggers. It's 11:30, my hair is icky, and my eyebrows look like Mia Thermopolis. (I'm all about full disclosure.)


1. Tucked In
Yellow pencil skirt- Loft
Flats- Belk (thanks, Mom!)

I wore this very outfit earlier this summer and loved it... chambray and yellow are just made for each other, in my totally uneducated opinion. I would definitely wear this to school.

2. Knotted
Skirt- Target
Wedges- Belk

Knotting it gives this billowy skirt a little more shape without needing a belt. Also, points for pattern mixing! See, the polka dots came in handy!

3. Layered/Dressy(ish)
Blazer- Gap
Skirt- Ann Taylor
Loafers- Target

I'll have to muster up some courage before I wear this blazer (you know, because of my economy-size shoulders) but I like the idea of dressing it down a little with chambray and a denim pencil skirt. And leopard loafers, because... why not?

4. Layered/Casual
Sweater- Old Navy 
Shorts- old (Walmart?)
Sperry Topsiders- Belk

For some reason, this look simultaneously makes me feel sporty and childish, like a six-year-old. (Maybe the giant pink heart on my sweater?) And, well, I was a pretty sporty child so it's kind of like the best of both worlds for me.

5. Loose
Maxi- Target
Necklace- Target

I just love wearing something super casual and throwing a big ol' sparkly necklace on top. It says "why yes, I did plan my outfit and did not reach for the nearest clothing resembling pajamas."

Is this chambray shirt a little wardrobe workhorse or what? I didn't even venture into fall outfits (I'm picturing scarves, vests, more it fall yet?) So, what's your favorite piece to remix? Visit Audrey's linkup for lots more outfit ideas from people who know how to edit pictures and use their irons, I'm sure.


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  1. I was just debating getting rid of my chambray but not anymore!!! You're my absolute favorite! So cute!

  2. You are so adorable!!! I love the ways you styled it. :) I have a polka dot chambray top from Old Navy and I absolutely love it! Especially in the fall. :) Just went through and repinned quite a few of your pics...LOVE your style!!! :)

  3. I love my chambray shirt! Great post, and I'm super jealous that Grace said you're her favorite :( lol haha!

  4. Haha Mia Thermopolis - now I might have to watch The Princess Diaries this weekend :)

    I love that polka dot chambray - I wish I had one! I especially love it with that cute red skirt!

  5. Cute outfits. I have that red chevron skirt and chambray, I should pair them together. :) If you get a chance, please link up to my link party:

  6. Great post! All of your outfits are great! That red and white skirt is to die for!


  7. You have the cutest style, Ashley! I have a very similar shirt and I LOVE it. Thanks for the great outfit ideas! I have really enjoyed reading your blog and becoming reacquainted with you after all these years.


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