I'm Over It (Again)...

Well, friends, it's that time again... time for me to vent my spleen get some things out there that I'm pretty sure we're all thinking. Right? (Just smile and nod...)

I have put off this post for a little while (mainly because I've been horrifically busy) but I felt that today would be an appropriate time for it. (You know, because sunny Tuesdays are just ideal for a rant about my pet peeves.) So, without further ado, here are my newest grievances with humanity...

1. I am over songs that don't have an ending. You know, the kind that just repeat some type of tag line a zillion times as the music fades as if the artist is being carried away on a speeding train. This has bothered me since I was little (in age, not dress size!). Come on, people, is it too much to ask that you just simply end the song rather than slip away into the distance?

It's so much easier for us to enjoy the song if you will just end it properly rather than fade away like this.

2. I am over Justin Bieber (which I can say without any measure of fear of harrassment since, while my blog has no particular audience, my target demographic is decidedly not 14-year-old girls). I don't have anything against the Biebs personally (like the burning hatred some people seem to have towards him) but I just think the whole "white boi gangta" thing is WAY lame. I mean, really.

Besides, anyone who is responsible for the further perpetuation of words like "swag" deserves to be on this list. 

3. Speaking of "swag", I'm over it... along with the words/phrases "yolo", "seems legit", "like a boss", "that awkward moment when", and every other overused catchphrase made popular by Pinterest memes (or social media, or TV.) I understand that certain words just get popular (I remember when stuff was "tight", okay?) but these just seem a little out of control. Plus, they're annoying. (Right up there with "adorbs", "delish", and "EVOO"... oops, I guess I should have let Rachael Ray have her own bullet point! =) 

4. I am over the whole Magic Mike/Shades of Grey craze. I'm not about to get into all of the spiritual implications of this stuff that apparently some call entertainment (though you can read great posts about it here or here.) One is about strippers, and the other is porn... as a Christian, that's all I needed to hear to stay faaar away from them both. 

5. I'm over those who don't change the caption on their pins (on Pinterest, obviously.) I don't mean on EVERY SINGLE pin, because sometimes that's not necessary (for example, a pin that says "fall outfit" doesn't necessarily give a personal look at my opinion of it, so it's not really important for me to change it.) However, the re-pinning of the bookishly long descriptions are a little out of hand, or the ones that were CLEARLY not written by the re-pinner ("This would be adorable on my little Haley!" That's great, since you're single with no kids.) So, let's take a sec to change or abbreviate our pin descriptions, or at least rid them of personal anecdotes. Otherwise, a mysterious illness has befallen about 47 of my fellow pinners recently, because they ALL had surgery and they ALL had the same one-dish meal delivered to their house! What a crazy coincidence!

So, these are my jumbled thoughts for today. Not as many as last time, but maybe I'm growing more tolerant these days. (Ha, that can't be it.) Anyway, have a fabulous day and stay healthy... there's something going around (on Pinterest, anyway.)


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  1. I love hearing about the things you're "over." :) I have to say, I'm such a newbie to Pinterest that I didn't really notice the caption thing - I'll have to start changing mine now!


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