High Five for Friday...

Woohoo... it's Friday! (That opener was approved by Captain Obvious.) This has been a REALLY, REALLY great week... mostly because the writing project I've been working on is finally DONE!!! THAT deserves its own spot in the line-up, because I feel like an enormous load has been lifted off my shoulders, but on to the rest of the list...

1. I made homemade bbq chicken in the crockpot (using the awesome Janssen's recipe... hers were prettier =). Oh, and those are garlic mashed potatoes (which I ate an embarrassingly large mound of... but it was worth it!)

2. I picked up this little blouse at Target today... for $6! Yes, I know... I totally don't need another coral shirt. But Since it's a darker color (closer to orange) that will also work in the fall, I fell for it. (I can pretty much talk myself into any Target purchase... Ob-viously.)

3. We had breakfast for dinner tonight (Jonathan's favorite) and I tried these amazing strawberry-banana muffins. I was nervous about them because I've never made muffins from scratch before, but they were so moist and yummy. (Oh, and I didn't exactly follow the recipe, since  I used regular flour and 2% milk.)

4. I got to Facetime with this little lady Tuesday night... she's such a ham. (Though she still refuses to say my name, she does sometimes start singing the Psych theme when she sees me, which is actually cooler. And she's adorable as always.)

5. Oh, and no big deal... just my early anniversary present... AN IPHONE 4S!!!! Yes, I am now one of those crazy iPhone people, and yes, I am ridiculously excited about it. Woohoo!!!! (And yes, my husband has earned himself enough brownie points to last a lifetime.)

That's it, everybody! As always, I'm linking up with the lovely Lauren at From My Grey Desk. Happy weekend... let's all enjoy these last few weeks of summer, since (groaning and moaning and gnashing of teeth) school is starting back all too soon. Sorry for bringing it up!


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  1. enjoy your new iphone 4s! it's really the best phone i had. it's better than the blackberry and it's more for entertainment ;)

    jen @ whyyyjen.blogspot.com


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