High Five for Friday!

First off, let me apologize for the length of my previous blogs.... I was just glancing through and thinking "Holy cow... these are like 13 paragraphs long. Everyone go grab some popcorn and pull up a chair while you spend an hour reading each post!" So, I guess I should attempt a shorter post every now and then, which is where "High Five for Friday" comes in.

I want to be best friends with really like Kate Bryan at The Small Things Blog (who doesn't? Her hair tutorials have pretty much changed my life. Which will be the subject of a future post, no doubt.) Anyway, she and her sister Lauren (who also has a cute and fun blog) both do a "High Five for Friday" post and have gotten a bunch of other bloggers to join in. (I genuinely never thought I'd include myself in a sentence about "bloggers".... ha! So it's come to this!) Basically, "High Five for Friday" (or HF4F, if you want to be clever and shorten it) is just a list of five cool/fun/exciting/interesting things from your week (usually in the form of a picture and an explanation). In my case, it will ensure that my post be no longer than those five things (so you don't have to designate a huge chunk of your life to read it!) 

So, drum roll... my first High Five for Friday!

This picture is from about a month ago, but it still makes me happy today! This is my ADORABLE and FAT nephew, Steven Michael Montepeque. He loves his Auntie Ashley! And I love dressing him in preppy little man clothes. In fact, I literally had to tear myself away from the baby section at Target tonight. He is the sweetest baby boy ever and I cannot get enough of his fat little cheeks!!! (Okay, enough baby-gushing. But seriously... those cheeks! Ah! I'm done now.)

I read The Hunger Games series about two months ago, but I'm including it because the movie comes out next week and I am SO very excited! If you haven't read these books, you must! I won't go into all the details of the plot (because I am committing to a shorter post) but they are excellent. And I'm pretty picky about my literature. (Says the girl with the Beverly Clearly and Berenstein Bear series on my favorites list!)

For whatever reason, Target does not sell belts online. Who knows? But tonight I got a belt similar to this one from J. Crew (but less sparkly... more of a black under the gold sparkles) for $3.55 at Target. That's right, less than four bucks for a great belt for fall and winter. As Stacy and Clinton say, metallics are neutral! I can't wait to wear mine (and I may sneak it in during summer... who knows?) I've seen belts featured nearly every outfit board that I like on Pinterest and other style blogs so I'm trying to build up my belt collection. Here's to more $4 additions!


My little sister Amy posted this video and while I think it's slightly sadistic, I was literally in tears I was laughing so hard when I watched it. Definitely worthy of a High Five!

Finally... this still was from the latest episode of Psych... the hilariously witty James Roday as the hilariously witty Shawn Spencer, psychic detective. Truly one of the funniest people on the planet.

Anyway, I'm proud of myself for writing a shorter post (if you don't count the pictures, I guess it's not too long! I just don't want anyone to accuse me of being long-winded like a certain parent of mine... and it's not the preacher!) That's my High Five for Friday!  If you have something awesome to share from this week, do tell! =)  Happy weekend, people!



  1. The fat man was definitely worthy of the number one spot - thanks :)

  2. First of all, thank you for making this shorter. I was falling asleep around paragraph nine of the last one. jk Also, I just feel the need to point out that at least half of your belt collection that you are working on is MINE!!!! Ok, maybe not half, but seriously...Lastly, I am completely in like, dare I say, LOVE with James Roday. I know you are too...good think our husbands don't read this. ;)---April

  3. He is the cutest baby!!! :) Love reading your posts ... even if they are long! Keep 'em coming!! :)


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