A Picture's Worth a Thousand Words...

Earlier this week, I posted about my terrible stage fright malady, starting with my disastrous piano recital. Little did I know that I would be able to come up with the photographic evidence of that humiliating moment!

Friday afternoon I was at Mamaw's and picked up one of the photo albums on her coffee table. Lo and behold, what should be included in this particular pictures but photos from my recital! Talk about great timing! I had no idea they were there! So, for your viewing pleasure, let's recap my failure.

Check out that bow and frilly dress! Oh, and the poofy bangs in the corner belong to Amanda. (I think... it was the 90's, after all... could've been almost anyone!)

So far so good...


Embarrassed beyond words!!!! (By the way, wasn't my mom a little bit sadistic to take a picture of that pose? I mean really...)

Clearly no one told me that the best way to "play off" a mistake was not to run away with my hands over my mouth in shame and disbelief. Oh well. My mistakes may not have improved, but I'd like to think I cover them a little better these days!

By the way, I sounded all big and bad the other night talking about how "I don't shake as much when I sing." I definitely ate those words this morning when I sang with a trio and felt lucky that my legs supported me on my way back to my seat. I was shaking all over by then. Poor quirky little me. (I appreciate those who commiserated with my weirdness through your comments. Makes me feel better about myself!)

Have a wonderful week everyone! Glad my embarrassing childhood photos bring joy to your lives! =)


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